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Coral Springs Divorce Law Blog

Not all property division will work for you after a divorce

The property division phase of a divorce is one that can either set you up for success or for failure. It is pretty safe to say that you want to be set up for success. This means that you need to plan your moves carefully if you are going through mediation for the property division phase of your divorce. We can help you to keep the focus on this instead of on other things.

It is very tempting for many people, especially those who are going through a messy divorce, to use the property division process to "stick it to their ex." This can be counterproductive because you are placing your focus on your ex instead of yourself. Haven't you given your ex enough of your focus? It is time for you to think about yourself now.

Know the issues you need to address during a divorce

When you are going through a divorce, you have to make sure that all aspects of the divorce are handled before it is finalized. There are several things that this includes. You might want to make a checklist so that you can discuss each point with your attorney so that you can check each item off as you address it.

Let's start with the basics of the divorce. First, if you have property, you will need to decide what is going to happen to the property. Typically, this includes real property and vehicles, but it can include any other types of property that is part of the marriage. You should also address retirement accounts and investments if they are part of the marriage.

Children must be the top priority for a child custody case

Taking care of your children and making sure they have everything they need is a priority for most parents. When you and the children's other parent are still in a relationship, this might be a bit easier since both parents can chip in to make sure that everything is taken care of. If you divorce, this process becomes a bit more difficult since your children will spend time in two different homes.

We know that thinking about your children having to spend a lot of time away from you isn't something that is pleasant. This is one of the most difficult aspects of child custody for many parents. They have to get accustomed to having their child in another home sometimes.

Know how to handle a business during a divorce

Going through a divorce is difficult unless it is one that doesn't include anything like assets or children. The more assets that are included in the process, the more difficult it becomes to divide everything up.

The inclusion of a business in the divorce is something that brings up a whole new level of issues and problems. This is especially true if only one spouse handles the affairs of the business.

How can I protect myself if I find out my spouse is a criminal?

You found the love of your life and you decide to get married. Not too long after the wedding, you find out that the person you married isn't who you thought. You married a criminal and didn't have any idea. Where do you go from here?

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you protect yourself. Once you make sure of that, you can decide if and how to end the marriage.

Alimony might be possible in your divorce

As we discussed last week, alimony in Florida isn't an automatic factor in divorces. If you think that alimony should be a part of your case, you must make sure that you take the steps necessary to include it in the divorce petition.

Whether you are on the side that is seeking alimony or the side that is being asked to pay, there are several things that you must know about the alimony laws here. This can help you along the way.

Alimony payments aren't automatic in Florida

Some divorces involve alimony, or spousal support, but this isn't the case for all divorces. In Florida, alimony is handled on a case-by-case, so don't think that just because someone you know was able to receive alimony that you will also be able to. There are several factors the court considers when trying to decide if someone should receive alimony payments.

One of the primary factors that is considered is the earning capacity of each spouse. A stay-at-home parent might qualify for alimony payments because that parent hasn't been in the workforce. In this case, the court might look at the situation and decide that the stay-at-home parent needs spousal support so that he or she can keep up with the same standard of living that he or she has grown accustomed to.

Think about your child's best interests in child custody matters

Your child custody and support orders are serious documents that you must be sure to understand. We recently discussed the importance of this. When there is something that you don't fully understand, you must get clarification of it right away so that you can be sure you don't do anything that goes against it.

The journey to a child custody order can include mediation or a trial. Both options require that the best interests of the child are determined. That is the ultimate goal of any child custody case -- to determine what is the child's best interests and go from there.

Be sure to follow child custody and visitation orders

Child custody orders are meant to be followed. They aren't merely suggestions that the court makes. Instead, each parent is expected to uphold their end of the agreement so that the child has some stability. There are some cases when a parent decides that the child custody order isn't worth following. Those parents might have to face the court for custody or visitation interference.

Child custody and visitation interference occur when a parent decides to keep the child away from the other parent. While the parent might have a seemingly valid reason for doing so, many instances of interference are due to the parent trying to be vengeful.

Don't let the cost of keeping assets drown you

We previously discussed how drug abuse can impact child custody cases. If you recall, this point can have a huge impact on what happens with every aspect of the divorce settlement. Child custody and property division are two areas in which drug abuse might have the biggest impact. We know that you might have some questions about your case, even if drugs aren't a factor in the case.

When you are going through a divorce, every aspect of your life might come into the picture. For high-asset divorces, this is especially true if there are areas of contention. Your income, lifestyle and personal history might all come into play.