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New allegations surface in Grayson divorce proceeding

By now, almost all Florida citizens have read about Representative Alan Grayson's messy divorce. The case has included allegations of domestic violence and bigamy. Just when it seems like the case is finally settling down, new developments surface in the case. Rep. Grayson's wife is now alleging that he isn't keeping up the marital home that she is living in with four of their children.

Rep. Grayson pays more than $10,000 each month on child support, the house's mortgage, household expenses and utilities. His estranged wife, however, doesn't think that is sufficient. She alleges that the home's condition is horrible. He says that it isn't his problem if she isn't able to keep up the house. She is claiming that the roof is leaking and windows are broken. She says those factors are causing mold to grow in the home.

In the same court papers that included those allegations, she also complains that Rep. Grayson cut off the credit cards she has been using. Those papers say that she stayed home to be a wife and mother for 24 years and can't pay for the maintenance on the home. She depends on Rep. Grayson for financial support because of her homemaker history.

This latest development shows just how involved a divorce case can be, especially when there are considerable assets in question. Learning about what can be considered in a divorce case can be time consuming. For that reason, anyone going through a divorce should make sure he or she has a full understanding about everything that could impact his or her divorce case.

Source: Huffington Post, "Florida Congressman's Messy Divorce Gets Messier" Mike Schneider, Oct. 16, 2014

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