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Holiday visitation schedules don't have to ruin the festivities

The holidays are a time for family. They are a time for good cheer. They are a time for merrymaking. Sadly, divorced parents aren't always able to enjoy the togetherness, good cheer, and merrymaking because of having to deal with child custody and visitation issues. Our readers in Florida might like to know some ideas for making this holiday season one that is full of awesome memories.

While the holiday season is often a stressful time for adults, it is still a magical time for some children. Keeping that in mind, it is important for adults to remember that child custody matters shouldn't destroy that magic. As the holiday season moves forward, parents have to ensure that the child is nurtured. Part of that is ensuring that no ill will is noticed between you and the child's other parent while creating the holiday schedule.

As the child shows off gifts that are given, he or she will likely be excited. Instead of bashing the gift or the person who gave it, you can simply enjoy your child's excitement. Don't forbid your child from bringing gifts from certain people into your home since that might not make your child happy.

Speaking of gifts, it is important that you don't blame your ex in front of the kids for your not being able to buy gifts that might have been possible if you still had a second income in the home. Instead, teach your children the value of being thankful for what is given to them.

Having to share your kids with another person during the holiday season is rough. It is vital that you work with your ex to determine what is best for the children. If something happens and you and your ex can't work things out together, it might be necessary to turn to the courts for an official ruling about the time sharing.

Source: Psychology Today, "Parenting During the Holidays After Divorce: Naughty or Nice" Angie Hallier, Nov. 21, 2014

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