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Alimony payments must be carefully considered

Alimony isn't something that most people want to think about having to pay, but it does play an important role in divorces in this state. It is imperative that you think carefully about these payments if you are facing a divorce because you never know if this will be a factor in your divorce. We understand that you might have some questions or concerns about the process and what is to come.

Spousal support payments are a financial consideration in divorce

High asset divorces aren't always easy to work through because of the complex matters in these cases. For the people who are going through them, there are some very important financial considerations that come with this event. One of these is the presence of alimony.

Learn what Florida laws say about alimony payments

Alimony is something that is a contentious issue in many divorces. Typically, this is something that is associated with a high-asset divorce. In some cases, it is an issue because one parent sacrificed his or her career to raise the children or that a spouse left work to care for the marital home.

You don't have to be stuck with monthly alimony payments

Not all divorces come with alimony payments, but if there is a chance that your divorce will, you should know that you don't have to get stuck with monthly payments. In some cases, it is possible to use a lump sum payment to get the alimony taken care of all at once.

Pay attention to alimony payment conditions

Alimony payments are a way that people who are ending a marriage might be able to make ends meet if their now-ex was the one who was making the vast majority of the money in the marriage. Alimony isn't automatic. Instead, it is something that the court has to order or that both parties have to agree upon.

Lump sum alimony payments help you break ties sooner

Alimony payments are one thing that might tie you and your ex together for longer that what you want to think about. Many alimony orders are based on monthly payments. This doesn't have to be the case. Some alimony orders might include alternatives to monthly payments.

Alimony payments aren't automatic in Florida

Some divorces involve alimony, or spousal support, but this isn't the case for all divorces. In Florida, alimony is handled on a case-by-case, so don't think that just because someone you know was able to receive alimony that you will also be able to. There are several factors the court considers when trying to decide if someone should receive alimony payments.

Lump sum alimony payments have specific benefits for the payer

Spousal support is something that doesn't occur in every divorce; however, it can be a considerable point in the divorces that do include it. If your divorce is likely going to fall into the group that does include alimony, you might want to find a way to lessen the blow that the payments have on your pocketbook.

Alimony payments can be difficult to determine

In our previous blog post, we discussed how some people might consider lump sum alimony payments instead of regularly occurring payments. There are many benefits and considerations for both types of alimony that you should think about if this is a factor in your divorce. We know that you might have some questions. We can help you get the answers to those questions.