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Child Custody Archives

Help your children address strong emotions caused by divorce

Divorce is a rough time for children, but this doesn't mean that it is time to coddle them and let them get away with anything. You can use your divorce as a chance for self-improvement if you are willing to put forth some effort. One of the primary things that you need to do is model good behavior for them so that they can see the appropriate ways to handle situations, so try to keep your own anger and emotions under control.

Teach your kids how to prioritize self-care

A divorce is hard on you and the children. During the process and in the period immediately after, your kids are going to look to you to see how they should react to this major life change. What you do can have a big impact on how they view the situation. One thing that you can do is to show them that no matter what is going on, self-care is a priority. This is a life skill that can benefit them throughout their life.

Your children deserve to have one cohesive life

The process of divorcing is sometimes messy, but you have to try to minimize this when you have children together. There are a few things that you should know if you are in this position because all of these can all have an impact on the kids. At the top of your priority list right now must be ensuring that the children have what they need to live a life they can enjoy and thrive despite the divorce.

Take steps to minimize sibling rivalry during a divorce

Siblings bicker a lot. As much as it drives parents crazy, it is a part of natural life. This often gets even more intense when they are going through their parent's divorce. At this point, you need to think about ways that you can minimize the effects of the sibling rivalry. Not only can this help to keep the peace, but it can also help your children to learn to thrive in all situations.

Flexible parenting plans often benefit the children

This summer, you can make great memories with your children as long as you are willing to plan fun activities. You don't have to spend a lot of money or go far from home. Instead, you can look at local attractions that will be fun for you and the children. Whether you have the children all summer or only for a small amount of time, it is possible to do this.

Know all applicable schedules for your children

When children learn that they are going to have to live in two homes, they often become upset. Not only are they left to deal with their parents splitting up, but they also have to think about what might happen now. The unknown is one factor that can be devastating to them. As their parent, you should try to set routines that can benefit them and lessen the stress they are feeling.

Help children ease back into life at your home

Learning how to move from one parent's home to the other might not be easy for some children. Each transition is a time of adjustment for them. For this reason, parents have to think about what type of schedule is best for the kids. For some, seeing both parents often is better. Others might need to have longer at each home to help keep things less stressful.

Be willing to negotiate to come to parenting terms during divorce

A parenting plan is the backbone of your relationship with your ex when you have divorced. Your children are going to look toward both parents for stability and love as they learn to adjust to the new way of life. It is imperative that the kids can count on both parents to have enough parenting time to make this happen.

Parenting time schedules vary for summer months

Most children want to spend time with both parents. The summer is a time when this might be easier to work out since there isn't any school schedule to work around. Instead of trying to balance work schedules and the child's school schedule, you only have to think about the employment hours. This leaves both parents free to enjoy extra time with the kids.

Child care plans for summer shouldn't be put off

With the summer months coming up, parents are starting to make plans for their children. For parents who have a parenting time agreement, this might not be as easy as what you might think. The summer might be segmented, which can make it difficult to plan for. Still, you should try to do this as early as possible so that you aren't left trying to stress over last-minute plans.