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Child Support Archives

How is child support calculated in Florida?

If a non-custodial parent earns an income, it is the right of the custodial parent to file for child support. If a parent is ordered to pay child support, they will be legally obliged to do so, and failing to do so could lead to serious legal consequences. Child support calculations and obligations vary by state, which is why it's important to have a good understanding of the law in your own state of residence.

Serious consequences of not paying child support in Florida

When parents split up, a court order for child support is usually issued. This places a financial responsibility on one parent to pay a specific amount of money to the other parent. The recipient must use the money to provide for the children. Other requirements, such as carrying the children on a health insurance policy and paying extra on specific expenses like uninsured medical care costs, might also apply.

Important points to remember about child support payments

Raising children is an expensive endeavor, even if both parents have an income to help support them. Parents who go through a divorce will usually have to follow a child support order. This is meant to ensure that both adults are contributing to the financial obligations that come with children.

Changing child support is possible under some circumstances

Child support is a serious responsibility that enables a parent to ensure they are financially providing for their children. The court orders this based on a host of factors, including the parents' incomes, the time the children spend with each one and other similar points. Once the court issues the order, the parents must comply with it.

Child support payments provide stability for your child

Child support is something that isn't avoidable if you divorce while your children are minors. For many parents, the desire to support their children is strong and they don't mind having to chip in financially. What they have a problem with is having to give the money to their ex, but this mode of thinking isn't actually valid. You have to think about your ex as a medium for the payments. You can't give the money directly to a child because they won't know what to do with it, so your ex accepts the money on the child's behalf.

Uninsured medical expenses should be in the support order

People who share a child and who aren't in a relationship any longer will have a child support order in place. While this is usually associated with regularly occurring payments from one parent to the other for the child, there is another point that is usually covered in these orders – medical care costs.

Know your child support responsibilities

When you don't live with your children, you might be ordered to pay for child support. While you give this to your ex, it is meant to help with the costs of raising your children. Your ex can use these payments to cover things like rent or mortgage payments, utilities, clothing for the child, school costs and other similar items. It is usually co-mingled in the household money, so your ex won't account for everything that it is spent on. This can be troubling for some paying parents, but don't let that stop you from making the payments.

Plan for an uptick in bills during the holiday season

Child support plays an important role in helping to raise your children. This is especially true during the holiday season when some parents see an uptick in expenses. Not only are they planning for the gifts they want to give the children, but there might also be other things that are slightly more expensive during this time of year. We know that it can be hard to live on a tight budget, but you must ensure that you are paying the financial support for your children on time, all the time.

Uninsured medical expenses can be challenging matters

Child support payments cover many of the normal expenses involved in raising a child. Any parent who receives these payments can tell you that there are many costs of raising a child that aren't covered by child support. One area that can be particularly troublesome is medical care.

Child support is critical for the children

Parents who aren't in a relationship with their child's mother or father might have to pay child support. It is easy to think of this money as going to the other parent; however, it is actually going to the child. Since children are minors, it is impossible to pay the money directly to them so the custodial parent accepts it.