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Divorce Archives

Low-profile divorce for high-profile singer

When a high-profile couple files for divorce, the press has a field day reporting on every aspect of the couple's relationship and the circumstances leading to the breakup. In the case of music legend George Clinton, few members of the press and the public were even aware that he was married. According to the divorce papers filed in Florida, the marriage between George and Stephanie Clinton lasted for 22 years, but they have been separated for a long time. The grounds cited for the divorce is that the marriage is irrevocably broken.

Understanding the need for a prenuptial agreement

A prenuptial agreement may seem appropriate for only wealthy couples to many Texas residents, but having one in place is becoming increasingly common for even couples of average income when a wedding in the works. While it may seem like an unromantic gesture, having this document in place is actually due diligence for financial stability in the future.One reason that couples may consider getting a prenup is because they have a net worth of over $100,000 or family heirlooms that they do not want to lose in a divorce. Additionally, they may have experienced costly divorce litigation in the past. Having a prenup in place can potentially save a couple both money, heartache and emotional stress should the marriage not last.

Grey divorce brings changes for retirement

A study from Bowling Green University's National Center for Family & Marriage Research revealed that more couples are divorcing later in life. As many Florida residents may already know, this can be attributed to longer life spans and a more liberal acceptance of divorce, among other factors. Regardless of when a couple decides on the dissolution of marriage, the ramifications can drastically alter the future plans of each individual. Couples who are going through a divorce later in life have different aspects to consider than younger couples deciding to separate. One of the more challenging aspects of grey divorce is the dividing up of financial assets that have been earned and co-mingled over a longer period of time. And retirement goals can be drastically altered in a grey divorce as well.

Divorce and Social Security

When couples are in a dispute regarding property division, they may not be in agreement regarding real estate they own, money and liquid assets. However, many couples may not be aware that they may be entitled to future benefits, including a portion of retirement accounts and Social Security benefits. According to a spokesman of the Social Security Administration's press office, there are some situations in which a spouse can receive benefits from a spouse's Social Security benefits whom he or she divorced. In order to receive benefits, the marriage must have lasted 10 years or more. Additionally, the person must be unmarried and not be entitled to a higher amount of benefits based on his or her own employment record. The person must be at least 62 years old before he or she can collect these benefits. Furthermore, the ex-spouse must be eligible to receive their own Social Security benefits even if he or she has not yet applied for them. However, if the ex-spouse is not yet receiving his benefits, the couple must have been divorced for at least two years before the other spouse can collect on the benefits.

Florida men scammed in gay marriage scheme

How about a wedding where the bridge and groom didn't even have to show up for the ceremony to get hitched? Sounds too good to be true, and it was for a Florida man and his male partner. Iowa allows out-of-state gay couples to marry but there has to be an in-state ceremony with two witnesses. According to police, the men randomly dialed a county courthouse in Iowa and asked about the marriage process. They spoke with a county deputy of the court clerk and she offered to mail the application documents. The clerk told the men that for $150 she would take care of the matter, no ceremony required. In due, time a marriage license appeared at the men's Williston residence.