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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Plan for trips with your children early to minimize stress

There are many challenges that parents have to plan for when they are traveling with children. When there is a custody order in the picture, things get a bit more complicated. Planning can help to reduce the amount of stress and trouble that vacationing parents have to deal with while preparing to leave.

Set your parenting plan based on what your child needs now

Decisions related to your children are some of the hardest ones that you will ever consider. Most parents want to set their kids up to succeed in life. When you have a child custody problem, making decisions for the kids is even more complicated than normal because you have to take your ex's views into consideration. If you and your ex always shared the same views, it's likely you would have remained together.

Parenting plan foundations must be set quickly

Your child's education is one of the biggest ways that you can help them to succeed in life. The issue with this is that not all children need the same things to learn. When you live with your child's other parent, you might be able to come up with solutions to the educational challenges that the children have. When you aren't in a relationship with the other parent any longer, you might find that coming up with ways to help the children that are mutually agreeable is a challenge.

Co-parenting must help children feel stable and secure

High-conflict co-parenting can be stressful to the parents and the children. While you might not be able to do much to shield yourself from the matters, you do need to do what you can to protect your children from this type of unnecessary stress.

Set social media guidelines in child custody situations

Child custody matters are complicated. When you are going through things with your children or your ex, you might be tempted to turn to social media to vent. The average person spends around 50 minutes per day on social media, but this doesn't mean that you should use this time to beat down your ex or discuss matters that are best left private.

Conflicts in co-parenting must be handled carefully

A co-parenting arrangement is sometimes a good idea for the children, but it can be rather difficult for the parents. When you are going through this situation, you need to be prepared for handling conflicts with your ex. This can be a challenge but with respect and proper planning, it is possible.

Teach your children that personal boundaries are healthy

Teaching your children life lessons can be difficult after a divorce, partially because you and your ex might not always agree on these lessons. One that you should be able to agree on is how to set and respect personal boundaries. This is a critical lesson for children.

Help your children cope with the changes that come with divorce

Some children can handle changes without any issues. Others might have a bit more difficulty. When the change that the child has to deal with is their parents' divorce, it might be a little harder for them to cope. Parents can help their children to cope with major changes in life. Finding the strategies that are right for your child need to be a top priority. Following are a few that you might try.

Child custody over the holidays might require some changes

The weather is starting to get a bit cooler, which means that the winter holiday season is just around the corner. Now is the time that parents need to take a look at child custody agreements to determine whether the plan for parenting time will work during this period. There are a few special considerations that come with the winter holidays.

Address stress from divorce that impacts your children

Divorce can make even the most peaceful person stressed. There is also a chance that your stress is going to transfer to your children. This isn't an ideal situation since stress can impact every aspect of the child's life. You should be aware of signs of stress in your children and be prepared to address them.