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Posts tagged "High-Asset Divorce"

What should high-asset divorces be treated differently?

All divorces are different. The ease with which you are able to go through a divorce will depend on a number of factors, including how much you can trust your former spouse and how well you can get along with them. Another significant factor is the extent of the marital assets that need to be divided, as well as the income of each spouse.

Dealing with judgmental people during divorce

The only people who should have an opinion on a divorce are the couple who are going through it. While divorce is a very personal choice that takes bravery and courage, many people are quick to judge and accuse the person filing for divorce of being manipulative, greedy, or selfish.

4 options for a company when owners split up

The assets that you acquire during a marriage must be split if you divorce. Many people think about ones like their house or the family vehicles. But, what about the family business? You and your ex need to discuss the fate of the business so that you can get the plan in motion.

3 options for the marital home in a divorce

One of the biggest assets that some individuals have in their marriage is their home. If they decide to divorce, they will have to determine what to do with that real estate. This isn't always an easy decision because of the emotions that come with the home. Being able to put those aside and looking at the practical side of the situation might be beneficial.

Tips for high asset property division in Florida

High asset divorces are often a challenge for the parties involved because they have to think about several factors before they come up with a split. While there are some aspects of the process that won't be able to be simplified, there are several things you can do to help make things easier.

Financial considerations that come with any divorce

The decision to divorce means that you're going to have to divide everything you amassed during the marriage. While some of this involves an emotional aspect, a more challenging aspect of it is having to figure out how to make the finances work now. Some people mistakenly think that individuals who are going through a high-asset divorce don't have to worry about this; however, this problem can plague everyone who divorces.

Handling debts and assets in divorce

Amassing assets is common when a couple is married, but this can lead to some very difficult discussions when a divorce occurs. Typically, the property division process in these cases will begin with some of the larger assets; however, this might actually make things more difficult.

Property division is a priority in grey divorce

Divorcing when you have decades of marriage under your belt is a challenge. Not only do you have to go through the division of all the assets you've amassed during the marriage but you also have to deal with the emotional facts of walking away after all that time.

How January turns into 'divorce month' every year

It's no accident that January has become widely known as "divorce month" in legal circles everywhere. Every year, a large number of couples decide to call quits on their marriage as soon as New Year's Day is over. In fact, Google indicates that "divorce" peaks as a search term somewhere between Jan. 6 and Jan. 12 -- most likely as soon as a lot of couples manage to pull down their Christmas decorations.

You might need a financial expert on your divorce team

When you are going through a high-asset divorce, one of the primary concerns you have is making sure that you protect your finances. There are several things that can impact your financial future after a divorce, but they aren't always easy to spot when you are dealing with the stress of the split. One mistake that some people make is failing to hire a financial planner to help them understand how various decisions will impact their future.