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Posts tagged "child support payments"

With great prize winnings comes great responsibility

Most Florida residents would likely consider a $338 million jackpot to be a boon, but for the New Jersey man who won the March 23 drawing, the big win has also drawn the attention of law enforcement officials in the state and no small amount of public scrutiny regarding an allegedly shirked responsibility. The man is reportedly on the hook for $29,000 in back child support, and law enforcement officials have noted that he is potentially subject to arrest if he doesn't pay what he owes. The man has reportedly opted for a lump sum, which will ultimately come out to $211 million, still a respectable chunk of change. The drawing proved to be a lucky one for individuals in several states, including a $2 million Power Play winner in Iowa; Match 5 players won $1 million each in 11 states, including Florida. In all, over $30 million in non-jackpot prizes were awarded in the national drawing, and the jackpot is down to $50 million for the next drawing.

New York man fled halfway across the world to dodge child support

A man was recently apprehended for failing to pay child support after he fled halfway across the world to dodge payments. The 50 year-old man was taken in by authorities in the Philippines. The man was from Long Island, New York, and ran a car auction business in the city. He had two children by an American woman and another child by a woman who lives in Thailand. The man allegedly lived 10 years underground in order to avoid his child support obligations. He first fled to Florida and then moved to Thailand to avoid child support payments of $375 per week per child. The court order was established after he divorced his first wife. As of now, the man currently owes $1.2 million in back child support.

Dennis Rodman ordered to pay $500K in child support

Dennis Rodman, former basketball star, has been ordered to make back child support payments in the amount of $500,000 to his ex-wife. He was found in contempt of court for failure to comply with a child support order. Rodman was also sentenced to informal probation in lieu of incarceration but could face jail if he does not pay the child support he owes. The $500,000 figure was reached by agreement between Rodman and his ex-wife, who initially claimed he owed her $850,000 in back child support payments.Rodman's attorney claims that the arrearage is the result of a misunderstanding in which Rodman misunderstood the terms of payment of child support, accidentally paying too small an amount. Previous attorneys apparently missed a deadline to have the earlier payment order set aside, resulting in Rodman's contempt charge.