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Posts tagged "custody dispute"

Young boys returned to their fathers after 18 months abroad

Florida residents may be interested to learn that an international search for two California boys who were the subjects of custody disputes has finally ended. Their mother, a permanent legal resident of the U.S. but who is currently in France, could face felony kidnapping charges if she returns to California.

Disabled parents are losing custody of their children

When Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act, the intent was to protect people with mental and physical disabilities. However, parents with disabilities face a legal quagmire when it comes to retaining child custody. Many states have laws regarding the ability to care for a child if one is disability. The criteria various but, in general, the law allows for removal of the children from their home or outright termination parental rights. To add to the worries, every state allows disability to be factored into deciding custody issues. Sometimes, disease can be considered a disability. One mom from North Carolina believes her advanced breast cancer played a role in her ex-husband gaining custody of her children. She waged a Facebook war to raise awareness for parents in similar situations.