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Child Support Archives

Loss of income might mean getting a child support modification

Those of you who read our post last week know that we discussed the role of the hearing officer in some family law cases. We briefly touched on how the hearing officer can determine the suitability of a child support modification request. Some of our Florida readers might not have realized that it is sometimes possible to have a child support order modified if there are significant changes to a parent's income; however, that is sometimes possible.

How are support modifications and other cases heard in Texas?

In Florida, when you are going through child support and child custody issues, you might find yourself going before a hearing officer. These court-appointed people have a special role in the family law system in the state. There are several types of cases that these officers can hear. Knowing about these various types of cases might help you to be better prepared if the time comes for you to stand before one of these hearing officers.

How is income determined in Florida child support cases?

Parents who are going through a divorce often have to hash out issues of child support. For the receiving parent, this monetary assistance is meant to help with the expenses associated with rearing the child. As you go through the process of child support determination, you might have some questions about how child support works in Florida. While the answer isn't always simple, there are some basic guidelines to get you off to a good start.

Bode Miller faces child support issues

Paying child support is something that some people accept they will have to do if they have a child with someone and the relationship doesn't work out. In some cases, the parent who doesn't have custody of the child willingly helps out with the expenses until a child support order is completed. In other cases, covering expenses for the child is only done after a court orders the person to pay child support. Bode Miller's son's mother, who is an ex-Marine, is claiming that the champion skier hasn't helped out at all with the expenses for their 13-month-old son.

Florida man who paid child support arrested for failure to pay

Anyone who has children and has been ordered to pay child support should make sure that they fully understand the child support order to prevent problems from occurring. One man in Florida was recently arrested for failure to pay child support. In this case, however, the support payments come directly out of his paycheck.

How to deal with a non-paying parent

Florida parents may wonder about the best way to handle a situation in which the non-custodial parent is either unwilling or unable to pay child support. While it is true that the non-paying parent in some cases may ultimately go to jail, the custodial parent may not benefit from trying to get support money by obtaining the other parent's prison wages. However, there are some strategies that can help make the situation more bearable.

Grandma seeks child support from alleged killer father

After a man was recently accused of killing his wife with cyanide, the maternal grandmother of his child is seeking child support from him. The grandmother received custody of the child during the first week of August and has filed a petition for child support with the court that gave her custody of her grandchild. Custodial parents in Fort Lauderdale may file similar motions for child support with Florida courts.

Legal system encourages child support abuse

Florida residents may be interested to hear about a dispute involving actor Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller. The couple's twins were being raised by Denise Richards, Sheen's first wife, while Mueller received drug rehabilitation treatment. Now, Mueller seeks to remove the children from Richard's care. Sheen's lawyers believe that Mueller is seeking custody because child support from Sheen is her only source of income. Mueller receives $55,000 per month.

With great prize winnings comes great responsibility

Most Florida residents would likely consider a $338 million jackpot to be a boon, but for the New Jersey man who won the March 23 drawing, the big win has also drawn the attention of law enforcement officials in the state and no small amount of public scrutiny regarding an allegedly shirked responsibility. The man is reportedly on the hook for $29,000 in back child support, and law enforcement officials have noted that he is potentially subject to arrest if he doesn't pay what he owes. The man has reportedly opted for a lump sum, which will ultimately come out to $211 million, still a respectable chunk of change. The drawing proved to be a lucky one for individuals in several states, including a $2 million Power Play winner in Iowa; Match 5 players won $1 million each in 11 states, including Florida. In all, over $30 million in non-jackpot prizes were awarded in the national drawing, and the jackpot is down to $50 million for the next drawing.