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High Asset Divorce Archives

Same-sex couples face challenges with divorce property division

With the updates to laws that make same-sex marriages equal to opposite-sex ones, people might think that there aren't any unique challenges to divorce cases. This isn't the case. Same-sex couples do have some concerns when a marriage ends that aren't present for others.

Know the expenses that come with assets, as well as the value

A high asset divorce often involves having to divide up assets that are complex and intertwined. In these cases, you need to make sure that you are considering the facts and looking at how various scenarios can help or harm you. One mistake that many people make is trying to walk away with the biggest assets. Even though it might seem like having things like the marital home or vacation home might be preferable, these can sometimes lead to headaches down the road.

Property division settlements shouldn't create hardships for you

Your divorce is the end of one chapter of your life and the beginning of another. Despite the prospect of a fresh start, it can be difficult to think about having to start all over. While we can't handle the social aspects of the divorce, we can work on your behalf to make sure you have the tools you need to protect your rights and start your new life off in the best manner possible.

Make sure you are fighting for the right assets

Trying to decide whether an asset is worth fighting for in the divorce has a few considerations. These are often difficult to go through, but it is necessary to ensure that you are fighting for the assets you need. You might be surprised to learn that some you thought you should fight for aren't worth it and some you were going to let go are much better.

Alimony is something that should be carefully considered

Spousal support is something that isn't an issue in every divorce, but when your divorce might be one that does have it, you need to consider what this means very carefully. There are three ways that an alimony order can be placed into effect, so it is best to understand all of them so that you can make decisions about your case based on the information you have.

Know what to consider when dividing assets in a divorce

We've recently focused on the children who are impacted by divorce. The children aren't the only ones who are impacted by divorces. For the couple who is calling it quits, there are some very important decisions that must be made. We know that this is a difficult time for you. We are here to help walk you through the things that you need to decide in this process.

High asset divorces come with a lot of uncertainty

Amassing wealth is the goal of some Americans. If you have worked hard on the goal, you probably want to hang on to what you have worked hard to gain. One thing that could rip some of your hard work away from you is a divorce. These high asset divorces are often complex cases that are difficult to work through.

Plan carefully for your finances during and after divorce

Preparing for your financial future after a divorce isn't easy, but it is necessary. You need to know what you are able to do on your single income. There are several points that you need to consider when you are preparing for this transition.

Know what you and your ex have to do to divorce

Going through a divorce is something that puts your problems at the center of attention. People might be curious about why you and your spouse are splitting up. This can be hard to deal with, but this is a time when you really need to place your focus on the legal matters that come along with the end of a marriage.