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High Asset Divorce Archives

An interesting effect of divorce might soon be evident in Florida

When people think of divorce, they often think of the immediate affects of the dissolution of marriage. Very few people think about how the divorce rate might affect the country in decades to come. Florida residents might be particularly interested in learning how divorce rates could affect elderly baby boomers in years to come.

Woman can't serve divorce papers to husband in witness protection

When most people decide to divorce, the process is fairly clear-cut. Your spouse has to be served with the divorce papers so they can answer them and know what is going on. While that is easy in most cases, there are some cases in which that isn't so simple. A recent case in Florida shows how life's circumstances can sometimes make getting a divorce rather complex.

Attitude toward divorce evident with increase in divorce parties

"When life gives you lemons, make lemon cake" was the sentiment behind the lemon cake that was served at a divorce party. Just in case you are wondering exactly what a divorce party is, you are in luck because you are about to find out. Many people who are going through a divorce have discovered that divorcing doesn't necessarily have to be laced with hate and conflict.

Elin Nordegren speaks out about life after divorce

Going through a public divorce isn't easy. For that reason, some people who are public figures tend to keep quiet as the divorce proceedings move forward. That is exactly what Elin Nordegren did when she and Tiger Woods were going through their high-asset divorce in the midst of a scandal. Now, she has decided to open up about some of the specifics about how she is coping with being a divorced woman.

Allegations of bigamy surface in Representative Grayson's divorce

When people who are in the public eye go through a divorce, the claims made during the process can sometimes turn ugly. In the case of U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson of Florida, claims of spousal abuse, battery, slander and defamation have all been made. In the most recent event, the representative is claiming that his wife is guilty of bigamy because she was married to another man when she married him.

Allegations of domestic violence follow Florida divorce filing

Going through a divorce when you are under the scrutiny of the public is difficult. When that divorce includes allegations of domestic violence, the difficulty increases. For Florida Representative Alan Grayson, allegations from his estranged wife are coming out.

Florida couple finally files for divorce citing improving economy

The economic decline that occurred a few years ago had an effect on almost every aspect of life. One place in which the effects of the downturn were noticed was divorce. When the economy was at its low point, the number of divorces was low. In 2009, the divorce rate was at a 40-year low. Now that the economy is improving, the number of divorces is going up again.

Florida congressman files for divorce following $18 million loss

Making the decision to get a divorce isn't something that any couple makes lightly. For some people, the decision becomes necessary when they grow apart from each other because of social or financial decisions. When these differences become so great that the couple can't come together again, they may claim the marriage is irretrievably broken. For one Florida congressman, a recent divorce filing shows that he and his wife of 23 years have decided to end the union.

Joint bank accounts after divorce can be tricky

Florida residents that are thinking about or currently experiencing their own divorce may be interested to learn of a recent article concerning some of the possible tax implications of divorce. According to its author, continuing to mix finances even after separation can be tempting given the possible complexities involved in extricating them from one another, but this could also cause a great deal of problems in some cases. To emphasize his point, he presents the example of a man who was taken advantage of by his former spouse during tax season.

Divorce, retirement and benefits

Florida couples going through a divorce later in life may wonder if it will have any effect on their respective Social Security benefits. Current law provides that an ex-spouse who has been divorced for at least two years can collect retirement benefits based upon the work record of the other spouse under certain conditions. The marriage had to last for at least 10 years, the ex-spouse cannot have remarried, must be at least 62 years of age and cannot be eligible for higher benefits based on his or her own employment history. The former partner does not need to be receiving benefits in order for the ex-spouse to qualify.