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Posts tagged "Child Custody"

Same-sex relationship ends, woman granted visitation with son

The times are changing when it comes to child custody agreements and other issues that have been plaguing some families going through divorce proceedings. A recent case ruled upon by the Florida Supreme Court could soon serve as the springboard for same-sex couples undergoing child custody and visitation proceedings.

Perils of military life: Laws, deployments and child custody

People who are serving in the military aren't always free to just jump on a plane or hop in the car to go to court proceedings or other important events. This can make it hard for people who are in the military to fight for custody of their children. With all of the military installations in Florida, it is important that people in Florida know about some of the special protections afforded to servicemembers while they are on active deployments.

Dads are taking issue with child custody arrangements in Florida

In the past, it was widely accepted that fathers would be relegated only to every-other-weekend visits with their children. Those days, however, are moving well into the past. Dads nowadays want to be part of their children's lives. They want to be there for more than just a few days per month. For fathers in Florida, divorce reform is something they are actively crying out for.

Child custody exchange center might be opening in Florida

For some parents who aren't in a relationship any longer, finding somewhere suitable to give the children to the other parent can be a challenge. In Florida's Flagler County, parents who are unable to go to Daytona face a difficult situation right now. Those parents who have to have use a custody and visitation center for the hand off of a child have to go to the Kim C. Hammond Justice Center in front of the flagpole. That, however, might be changing soon if a plan is approved by county officials.

Frankel child custody battle has important lesson

Going through a divorce brings out the worst in some people, but those instances can serve as a reminder for everyone else going through a divorce to keep things as civil as possible. In the case of Bethenny Frankel and her estranged husband, it is the child custody battle that is seemingly turning very ugly.

Florida parents fight over child's circumcision despite agreement

When people who aren't married have a child together, some of the desires the parents agree to become part of a parenting plan. A parenting plan can be used by parents who have divorced or parents who were never married. This plan is used to dictate how specific situations will be handled. A recent case in Florida has shed light on how issues can creep up between the parents even if there is a parenting plan on file.

Parenting coordinators can help in Florida custody disputes

Divorce is often a contentious process, and when there are children involved, the conflict between estranged Florida spouses is often exacerbated. The stakes in a child custody battle are high, but these disputes often end up hurting the children the couple is fighting over. In cases like these a parenting coordinator may be able to help.

Divorce and child custody: Reducing your child's stress

When parents get divorced, it is no secret that the children are affected by the split. Some parents try to protect their children from the things going on in the divorce, but other parents like to involve the children so they know what is going on. Regardless of how parents choose to relay the happenings of the divorce to the children, there are often things the children think about but are too scared or worried to say to their parents. Florida parents might be interested in learning what some of these thoughts might be so they can use the information to make the divorce as smooth as possible for the children.

Florida statute would deal with foreign laws in state court cases

Dealing with a divorce is difficult for almost everyone who has to go through it. Knowing the applicable laws that govern divorces in Florida might prove to be a challenge for some people. That challenge is often complicated when one of the parties who is divorcing tries to bring foreign laws, such as Sharia, into the already complex divorce proceedings. The Florida Senate Rules Committee currently has a statute that might change the way that divorce cases involving foreign laws are handled. SB 368, which has been approved by other committees, is based on similar bills in other states.

Shared parenting growing trend in child custody agreements

When most people think of child custody, they probably automatically assume that the mother has custody of the children and that the father sees the children every other weekend or some sort of similar arrangement. While that might be the typical stereotype of child custody, the tides might be changing. Last year, Governor Scott vetoed a bill in Florida that included shared parenting. However, the concept of shared parenting seems to be increasing in popularity with lawmakers in some states.