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Posts tagged "Child custody"

What changes will you make to your parenting style after divorce?

Every parent has a parenting style that they are comfortable with. When you are married, finding yours means having to take your wishes and your ex's wishes into account. This is understandable but when you are going through a divorce, you no longer have to worry about your ex's style.

A positive outlook might help you during a divorce

Going into a divorce is a trying time, but you can still have a positive attitude. You might be surprised by how much having a positive attitude can help you as you go through this process. This is especially true if you have children because your children will take cues about how to handle the situation from you. If you have a good attitude about the situation, your children will likely feel more at ease.

Making your parenting style work for your child after divorce

Many different things that occur in a divorce can have a direct impact on the rest of your life. One area that you have to be very careful about what you do is with the children. You have to find the balance between consistency with your old parenting style and exercising your new solo parenting style.

Help your children when you go through a divorce

Your children look to you as a role model. This doesn't change just because you are divorcing their other parent. In fact, in these cases, children can learn a great deal about being an adult and having compassion. Even though this is a stressful time, you can help your children to learn how to work through challenges.

Shared parenting takes work on the part of the adults

Shared parenting is often rewarding for the children, but it is sometimes difficult for the parents. Making an effort to make the situation as easy as possible can help you as you work on helping your children thrive as they grow. One thing that makes this situation a bit challenging is that you have to work closely with your ex.

Creative custody solutions can sometimes help your children

Child custody isn't ever an easy situation for the parents to go through. There are many circumstances that might come up that can make you wonder what you should do. In all of these cases, you need to make sure that you are putting your children first. This can make the situation a bit easier for your children.

Help your children enjoy special days

Days like kindergarten or high school graduation, birthdays and other special events are stressful for all parents. When you are divorced from your child's other parent, they are even more troublesome. It is possible that you and your child can enjoy this day with the other parent being present. In fact, this is usually the way that children enjoy special days because they can spend time with both parents.

Think carefully before you reply to messages about your children

The communication standards that you set for your relationship with your ex are something that is very important. When you have a child together, you need to have a sort of professional standard of communication. While this can be difficult if you are going through a contentious issue, you should try to keep things civil.

Child support payments can greatly help your children

Child support is something that many parents think of as a duty. The truth of the matter here is that you should view child support payments as a way to help support your children -- a privilege of sorts. This mode of thinking might not be popular, but it is a bit more positive than the dread most people choose to focus on when they think of child support.

Determine how structured your child custody arrangement must be

We recently discussed some of the ways that you can help your child to cope with some of the common fears that frequently crop up when parents divorce. As you can probably imagine, divorce is scary for children. Older kids might understand what is going on and may be able to cope with it. Younger children are usually a little more shaken by a divorce.