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Posts tagged "High asset divorce"

Don't let the cost of keeping assets drown you

We previously discussed how drug abuse can impact child custody cases. If you recall, this point can have a huge impact on what happens with every aspect of the divorce settlement. Child custody and property division are two areas in which drug abuse might have the biggest impact. We know that you might have some questions about your case, even if drugs aren't a factor in the case.

Drug abuse can impact child custody and property division

Drug abuse in a marriage is a horrible thing to have to deal with. When that marriage is ending and drug abuse is an issue, that drug abuse can have an impact on the terms of the divorce. Whether you are the person who has a drug problem or if you are the other spouse, you should consider these points when considering the effects of the drugs on the divorce.

Plan properly for a divorce later in life

Once you have been married for decades, you might think that you are immune to the possibility of divorce. This isn't the case because divorces later in life are becoming more common. Even if you have been married a long time, you should still plan properly if you find out your marriage is ending.

Divorce cases come with very personal concerns

No matter how old you are, a divorce is a huge upheaval in your life. In our previous blog post, we discussed how divorces later in life have special considerations. These divorces often come with more assets than divorces that occur earlier; however, even young people who are going through a divorce need to ensure they are protecting their future, too.

Finding balance is crucial in a high-asset divorce

We recently discussed how divorce mediation might help some people who are going through a divorce. This is a method that can help you to work through problems and get your divorce finished in a faster and more cost-effective manner. We did mention that it isn't for everyone, so you have to think carefully about it before you make your choice.

Decide which divorce option is right for your case

There are two options that you have when you are going through a divorce. The first of these is litigation. The second is mediation. These are very different processes that you have to consider carefully. What is right for you might not be the option that is right for someone else.

High-asset divorces can be complicated

We recently discussed some of the issues that have to do with property division in a divorce. This is only one of the areas of contention that you might have to deal with when you get a divorce. The fact of the matter is that almost everything that has to do with a divorce is going to be a bit difficult. We know that you might not really be prepared to deal with the issues that come up. While we can't make decisions for you, we can help you to learn about what laws play a part in your case so that you can make informed choices.

Property division is often a contentious issue in divorce

Aside from child custody and support, property division is most likely to cause some issues during divorce. If you are thinking about or in the midst of a divorce, knowing some basic points about how property is divided can help you formulate a plan and work through the negotiations that might occur.

Think about your future when considering property division issues

Real estate division during a divorce is something that can lead to you starting your new life with a good financial backing or starting your new life with your head barely above water. It is crucial that you fully understand what you are getting your hands on when you are going through the property division process.

How do you choose a divorce attorney?

Choosing a divorce attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make after the decision to end the relationship. It is also one that should be done as quickly as possible to ensure that all of your filings are done in a timely manner and you have legal counsel should issues come up, as they often do once the paperwork gets started.