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Posts tagged "High asset divorce"

What happens to an inheritance?

One of the most challenging aspect of property division in a divorce is figuring out what is marital property and what is individual property. Because martial property is subject to the equitable division of the assets and individual property is not, many people try to claim assets as theirs and only theirs when really they must be considered part of the martial assets.

Florida State University coach reportedly keeping home in divorce

Less than five months after Jimbo Fisher, Florida State University's football coach, filed for divorce from his wife Candi, a final agreement between the two was reached. The divorce was finalized last month. That's a relatively fast resolution for a high-asset divorce, especially for a couple married as long as the Fishers -- 22 years -- and who are the parents of two young children. According to the divorce petition, the couple separated last May.

Financial hijinks in divorce lead to major child support award

When we discuss topics related to high asset divorces, we usually cover issues relevant to alimony or property division. While these issues can crop up in any divorce, they can be especially complex and large-scale when one or more individuals in a divorce owns high-value assets. A recent news story about the divorce between a fitness model and Florida businessman reminds us that child support can also be an issue in high asset divorces.

Can social media be a problem in a divorce?

You may love social media. It makes it easy to interact with people you wouldn't otherwise see, you can quickly share pictures and updates and it simply offers a lot of fun—and a way to kill time. If you're getting divorced in Florida, though, it may not seem so fun if it has a negative impact on your proceedings.

Moving on during a divorce takes time, consider these tips

Divorce is a stressful experience even in the best of cases. When you have already been under a lot of stress as your marriage dissolves and you increase that stress with a divorce, you might end up emotionally worn out. There is no way that you can take away all of the stress that is associated with a divorce, but there are ways that you can cope with the changes so that you aren't emotionally battered throughout the process.

Couple's standoff highlights divorce difficulties

A couple in the midst of a divorce is making national news after the man began living outside of his million-dollar home. According to reports, the man's wife kicked him out in March of this year before officially filing for divorce in June, but he refused to leave the front yard.

High-asset divorces and hidden assets

Hidden assets are a possibility in any divorce, but it is often a little easier to hide funds or physical assets, such as a house or recreational vehicle, if the couple had substantial assets or incomes. In any high asset divorce it is of the utmost importance that all of the assets and income streams are reported accurately to the courts so that the divorce settlement can proceed accordingly.

Marriage and divorce trends in Florida

By keeping track of the marriages and divorces that take place every year, the state of Florida is able to see patterns that happen over the course of one year as well as those that occur over decades. According to the Florida Vital Statistics Annual Report for 2014, the declining divorce rate continued in the state, although the number of marriages increased from 2013. In 2013, there were 137,127 marriages performed in the state of Florida, but that increased to 145,250 in 2014.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorce

The financial issues are almost always a heated topic in every divorce. Couples often have very different ideas of what is a fair settlement, and it's not unusual for one or even both parties to attempt to get more than their fair share out of the divorce as a way to punish the other person. Divorces that include high value assets can be even more challenging.

Filmmaker Michael Moore divorcing after 21 years

Floridians may be interested to hear that after 21 years of marriage, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore has filed for divorce from his wife Kathleen Glynn. A complaint filed at the Antrim County Court has revealed that the high-profile couple had already been living apart for some time. The complaint also stated that there is "no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved." The two own a home together in Traverse City, Michigan, and have no children.