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Posts tagged "divorce"

Allegations of domestic violence follow Florida divorce filing

Going through a divorce when you are under the scrutiny of the public is difficult. When that divorce includes allegations of domestic violence, the difficulty increases. For Florida Representative Alan Grayson, allegations from his estranged wife are coming out.

Florida couple finally files for divorce citing improving economy

The economic decline that occurred a few years ago had an effect on almost every aspect of life. One place in which the effects of the downturn were noticed was divorce. When the economy was at its low point, the number of divorces was low. In 2009, the divorce rate was at a 40-year low. Now that the economy is improving, the number of divorces is going up again.

Woman alleges Florida judge awarded excessive alimony

When you go through a divorce, you want to make sure that the settlement is a fair one for you. There are a lot of things that come into play to make sure that you do get a fair settlement. At the trial, you and the other person have to present evidence to the judge that will show the judge that you should get what you are asking for. It is then up to the judge to decide what you will receive.

Shared parenting growing trend in child custody agreements

When most people think of child custody, they probably automatically assume that the mother has custody of the children and that the father sees the children every other weekend or some sort of similar arrangement. While that might be the typical stereotype of child custody, the tides might be changing. Last year, Governor Scott vetoed a bill in Florida that included shared parenting. However, the concept of shared parenting seems to be increasing in popularity with lawmakers in some states.

Film places emphasis on the need to reform Florida alimony laws

Anyone who is going through a divorce has likely heard the term alimony. For people in Florida, the chance to learn about alimony recently came through a movie entitled "Divorce Corp." that played in some cinemas.

Florida congressman files for divorce following $18 million loss

Making the decision to get a divorce isn't something that any couple makes lightly. For some people, the decision becomes necessary when they grow apart from each other because of social or financial decisions. When these differences become so great that the couple can't come together again, they may claim the marriage is irretrievably broken. For one Florida congressman, a recent divorce filing shows that he and his wife of 23 years have decided to end the union.

Joint bank accounts after divorce can be tricky

Florida residents that are thinking about or currently experiencing their own divorce may be interested to learn of a recent article concerning some of the possible tax implications of divorce. According to its author, continuing to mix finances even after separation can be tempting given the possible complexities involved in extricating them from one another, but this could also cause a great deal of problems in some cases. To emphasize his point, he presents the example of a man who was taken advantage of by his former spouse during tax season.

Young boys returned to their fathers after 18 months abroad

Florida residents may be interested to learn that an international search for two California boys who were the subjects of custody disputes has finally ended. Their mother, a permanent legal resident of the U.S. but who is currently in France, could face felony kidnapping charges if she returns to California.

Paying alimony in Florida may have a potential tax break

Getting divorced in Ft. Lauderdale can be stressful, but there might be one silver lining available for the payer of a spousal support award. Alimony payments may be deductible on federal income tax filings if specific requirements are met.

Trust fund distributions are fair game for garnishment by ex

Well-meaning parents wanting to ensure passage of adult children's inheritances into trusts often wish to keep the intended beneficiary's former spouse from asserting any claim to trust funds in case of divorce and possible alimony. In states such as Pennsylvania, this may not be the case. Article 5 of the Uniform Trust Code, UTC, shields assets held by discretionary or spendthrift trusts from creditor claims but does not disturb the legal rights of children and former spouses of primary beneficiaries to entrusted assets.