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Posts tagged "divorce"

Divorce, retirement and benefits

Florida couples going through a divorce later in life may wonder if it will have any effect on their respective Social Security benefits. Current law provides that an ex-spouse who has been divorced for at least two years can collect retirement benefits based upon the work record of the other spouse under certain conditions. The marriage had to last for at least 10 years, the ex-spouse cannot have remarried, must be at least 62 years of age and cannot be eligible for higher benefits based on his or her own employment history. The former partner does not need to be receiving benefits in order for the ex-spouse to qualify.

Support, custody arrangements in child's best interests

Florida families may be interested in an opinion piece on how best to deal with child custody and visitation issues when parents separate. In an online article, a senior policy analyst with the Center for American Progress's poverty and prosperity program says that more reforms are needed in this area.

Dividing retirement assets during divorce

Florida couples contemplating a divorce might be interested to learn that they should not put off dividing up their retirement assets. Although sometimes couples are eager to hurry up and get the divorce process over so they can begin to move on with their lives, there are some easily overlooked issues that could prove to be quite important. Financial advisors say that splitting up retirement assets is an issue that couples should ensure they take care of during their divorce proceedings, or they may regret it later on.

US rep moves to block rapists from child custody

A U.S. Congresswoman from southern Florida introduced legislation that she claims will protect rape survivors from further abuse by their rapists in July, and following its approval in her home state, she is currently encouraging other states to adopt the act. She proposed that in situations in which a pregnancy occurs from a rape, full child custody should automatically go to the mother.

Changes to alimony law are being considered

Florida residents who have been stuck with lifetime alimony may be seeing some relief in the future. There has been a move away from lifetime spousal support due to the burden it places on the person responsible for paying. Alimony itself is not under fire so much as the issues it creates for individuals who are saddled with payments for the rest of their lives regardless of their financial situation.

Alimony reformers to try again in 2014

Florida's governor vetoed this year's attempt to change alimony laws in the state, but another push to eliminate lifetime alimony and the way that it's awarded is expected to begin again in 2014. The issue of alimony is a hotly contested one, and many people feel that lifetime spousal support is an unfair burden for those who have to pay it. According to some of those who support changing alimony laws, courts often refuse to make changes to alimony requirements, forcing individuals into bankruptcy and insolvency.

Planning for the best outcome in a divorce

When someone is going through a divorce in Florida, they might focus on child custody, the division of assets or property distribution. Most states have laws that divide assets equitably, not in half, which means that women could end up short-changed. According to Huffington Post, couples can take steps to prepare for a complex asset divorce.

Filmmaker Michael Moore divorcing after 21 years

Floridians may be interested to hear that after 21 years of marriage, acclaimed filmmaker Michael Moore has filed for divorce from his wife Kathleen Glynn. A complaint filed at the Antrim County Court has revealed that the high-profile couple had already been living apart for some time. The complaint also stated that there is "no reasonable likelihood that the marriage can be preserved." The two own a home together in Traverse City, Michigan, and have no children.

States contemplating alimony reform

Florida couples contemplating getting a divorce might be interested to learn that some states are contemplating changing their alimony laws. Alimony comes into play when one spouse is ordered to make payments to the other spouse after they are divorced. Traditionally, when a spouse was ordered by the court to make payments to his or her ex, those payments lasted for the rest of his or her life. Some states are debating whether or not to change alimony laws to where lifetime alimony would be abandoned in favor of alimony calculated with special formulas that would determine how much alimony a spouse would have to pay and for how long.