Low-profile divorce for high-profile singer

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When a high-profile couple files for divorce, the press has a field day reporting on every aspect of the couple’s relationship and the circumstances leading to the breakup. In the case of music legend George Clinton, few members of the press and the public were even aware that he was married.

According to the divorce papers filed in Florida, the marriage between George and Stephanie Clinton lasted for 22 years, but they have been separated for a long time. The grounds cited for the divorce is that the marriage is irrevocably broken.

The Clintons did not have any children or shared property of any sort, according to the papers filed in court. If marital property is at a minimum or nonexistent, the judgment from the court terminating the marriage appears to be a mere formality.

The divorce of a high-profile couple usually fills newspapers, magazines and televised news reports with stories about the marital property that is at the center of a very public dispute for control. Retirement plans, business assets and real estate holdings are usually the focus of most high asset divorce cases. It appears that the Clintons might be an exception to the usual entertainment-industry divorce.

The legal and financial issues in a high asset divorce can quickly overwhelm the average person. A knowledgeable divorce attorney may make things easier for the person going through the divorce process. Complex asset division calls for asset valuation by qualified experts and appraisers who may assist the divorce attorneys representing the parties in the division of marital property through negotiation or court hearings.

The divorce attorney might also be of assistance when a dispute arises when a particular asset is deemed separate property or marital property. Drawing upon experience handling asset division divorce cases, an attorney may know the evidence needed to prove ownership of a disputed asset.

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