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Property division can be a complex matter

One of the difficult aspects of divorcing is having to go through the property division process. Not only do you have to find and account for all assets, you must do the same for debts. Once you know what must be divided, you need to figure out the arrangement. This is often done through a collaborative process.

As you are going through the mediation process, make sure that you are thinking logically about what you are doing. It is easy to become focused on what your emotions are telling you that you need to do. The problem with this is that what is right for your emotions might not be good for your finances. Thinking logically will allow you to weigh all of your options and determine how they might affect your life.

Find out how divorce will impact your financial stability

It is easy to think of divorce as a bad thing because it is the end of your relationship. What many people don't realize is that you can turn this end into a good beginning. One important thing for you to do is to ensure that you are financially ready for your new life. Climbing out of a financial slump might not be as easy as you might want it to be, but it will be worth the effort in the future.

One of the most important things to do right now is to take an honest look at your situation, even if you are ending a marriage in which you were financially comfortable. There is a good chance that there will be at least a little tightening of the purse strings with the divorce since you are likely losing one income. You need to set a budget based on what you earn so that you know what you can afford.

Child support is critical for the children

Parents who aren't in a relationship with their child's mother or father might have to pay child support. It is easy to think of this money as going to the other parent; however, it is actually going to the child. Since children are minors, it is impossible to pay the money directly to them so the custodial parent accepts it.

There are many different things that financial support for children should cover. The important thing for the parents to remember is that it should help meet the child's basic needs. As long as the children have what they need, there might not be much that the court will do if one parent is questioning what the other is doing with the money.

Argumentative co-parents can cause challenging situations

In all child custody matters, the child can fare the best if the parents can work together to adjust the flexible aspects of the agreement to suit the child's needs. There are some instances in which this won't be possible; however, you and your ex need to evaluate the underlying concerns to determine if the reason for the difficulties is that the adults are letting their own feelings get in the way of doing what's best for the children.

It isn't always easy to put your children first in these cases. In some cases, a combative ex will know exactly what buttons to push to get you upset. These uncooperative individuals will do whatever they can to cause difficulties with everything. It can be challenging to deal with this, but it isn't impossible.

Divorce might lead to parenting style changes

Raising children is challenging. When you have to balance your style with another person's, the difficulty is raised a notch. Some parents might think that raising the kids will be easier if they just did it by themselves. Even though you might not have another adult right there to give input about what's going on, you will still have to consider the other parent's wishes as you make decisions for the children.

After a divorce, you will have to settle into the new normal for your parenting style. You might find that some aspects of what you do have changed since the divorce. There are many reasons for this, so you have to identify these and determine whether they are acceptable or not.

Same-sex couples face challenges with divorce property division

With the updates to laws that make same-sex marriages equal to opposite-sex ones, people might think that there aren't any unique challenges to divorce cases. This isn't the case. Same-sex couples do have some concerns when a marriage ends that aren't present for others.

One factor that can come up in these cases is that the length of the relationship might not be what you think it is, at least from a legal standpoint. It is possible that a marriage that happened prior to 2015 won't have the entire length recognized during a divorce. This is due to same-sex marriage not being recognized in some states until then.

Assets and debts must be divided in the divorce process

One aspect of divorce that is true in almost all cases is that assets and debts have to be divided between the two parties. In some cases, this is a simple process but it can also be very difficult if there are complex elements present. We realize that you might not be interested in trying to work through these matters with your ex, but this has to happen for the divorce to end.

The first thing that is considered in these cases is whether there is a prenuptial agreement. If there is one, the division will be handled based on the terms of the document. There might be some cases involving a prenup that have some assets or debts that aren't covered in it. In these cases, you should be prepared to work through the negotiations to determine who is going to get what.

Many factors impact alimony orders in a divorce

Some divorces are simple and straightforward. This isn't the case for others. One of the areas that might make the divorce a bit more challenging than others is the need for alimony. Not all divorces qualify for spousal support, so determining how to handle it when there is a need for this component can be tricky.

The court will look at various points of the marriage and circumstances when it is trying to determine what to do with an alimony petition. The length of your marriage will be factored into the decision. The ability of the proposed recipient spouse to support himself or herself will matter. The marital standard of living and the ability of the proposed payer to support the other party and himself or herself are also considered.

Domestic violence may impact child custody cases

There are many things that can impact a child custody case. One of these is the presence of domestic violence accusations in the case. When this is the case, there are many different things that might happen. In some situations, the parent who is facing the accusations will only have supervised visits with the children. This can be difficult, but the court must consider the best interests of the children.

One important distinction that has to be made in these cases is whether the child is a witness or a victim of the domestic violence. If the child was a victim, there is an increased chance that the child will only be allowed supervised visits or won't have visits at all with the parent. If the child is a witness, this is still possible but the court might decide that the children are in harm's way.

Child support and custody can work together for the child's good

Every aspect of parenting is hard enough under the best of circumstances. When you add in child custody matters, you might find that they are even more troublesome. We understand that you just want to find the solutions to the matters that are proving to be more challenging as you work with your ex on the custody terms.

There are several aspects of custody that you should consider. One of these is how the parenting time will be divided. This can be easy if you and your ex are both on set schedules and the child's schedule is pretty predictable. If there are changing shifts, there might be more of an issue.