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Parenting time schedules vary for summer months

Most children want to spend time with both parents. The summer is a time when this might be easier to work out since there isn't any school schedule to work around. Instead of trying to balance work schedules and the child's school schedule, you only have to think about the employment hours. This leaves both parents free to enjoy extra time with the kids.

Some parents need to have a firm parenting time schedule during the summer. Others are able to have a more fluid agreement where they work as a team to decide where the children will go as the summer progresses. No matter which one of these is how you have to handle your case, make sure that your children are getting time with both parents.

Know the classifications of assets during a divorce

Property division matters during a divorce can be difficult to handle, but knowing what to expect and learning about the options can help you as you go through it. In Florida, the premise that is used for property division is equitable distribution. This doesn't mean that everything will be equal but that it will be fair.

One of the primary factors in determining what is equitable is which spouse has more of an income into the marriage. Typically, the higher earning spouse is going to get a larger share of the property. Of course, this might not be the case if the parties are able to come to an agreement during mediation.

Child care plans for summer shouldn't be put off

With the summer months coming up, parents are starting to make plans for their children. For parents who have a parenting time agreement, this might not be as easy as what you might think. The summer might be segmented, which can make it difficult to plan for. Still, you should try to do this as early as possible so that you aren't left trying to stress over last-minute plans.

Your child's age is going to play a big part in this. Younger children who aren't old enough to remain home alone will need child care. Some people are fortunate enough to have family members who will care for the kids, but others will have to rely on day cares or babysitters. Getting all of these plans in line now can help you to avoid having to make do with options you don't really care for.

Alimony payment arrangements can vary greatly

While it isn't as common as it once was, alimony is still a factor in some divorces. If you are concerned about having to make regular payments to your ex when you split up, there might be a viable alternative for you to consider. It might be possible for you to make a lump sum payment instead of having to make the long-term monthly payments.

Making the monthly payments means that you are still tied to your ex even after the divorce. There is a chance that your circumstances would change, and you wouldn't be able to make the payments. This could lead to you having more legal troubles.

Think carefully about high-end assets in your divorce

In a high-asset divorce, there are some items that will have to be divided that might not be so easy to handle. Things like artwork collections and high-end furniture can be challenging because you might be willing to split things up but you may not know what to do to obtain a fair division. One of the options that you have is to sell those types of assets and split the money.

It is best for you to think about what is best for your finances so that you are able to set yourself up on the right foot for your new single life. You don't need to have anything that is going to waste your money or cause you undue stress.

Extracurricular activities for kids can be hard after divorce

The child custody decisions that you and your ex make have to be based on what is best for your children. This might not be the same thing in your eyes as your ex's, but you have to be willing to work together if you are going to make the child custody case work. Your parenting style and your ex's should work together so that your children can thrive.

It isn't easy to work with your ex after a divorce, but you might be willing to put forth the effort when you see the way the kids benefit. One of the most important things that they need to know is that they can count on both parents even though those adults don't live in one home any longer.

Make changes that can benefit your children after divorce

When you are divorcing, you have to think about what is going to happen with the children. It isn't always easy to think about the fact that you will have to share your children's time with the other parent. In fact, you may find that there are many challenges that come along with a custody case. Working on matters one at a time might help you to make it through everything without any issues.

One thing that you have to do when you are facing this situation is to make sure that you don't make any decisions without thinking about how they will impact the children. Every choice you make has to be based on what is best for the children. You have to put yourself aside, which is much harder than you might think.

Property division: Costs versus benefits must be considered

Going through a divorce means that you have to divide up the assets and liabilities of the marriage. When you are trying to work out the property division terms, you will have to think about the specific ways that each item can either harm your future or help it. Your goal is to be able to hang on to the things that will help you as you rebuild your life.

One thing to remember is that many assets come with costs. If you know that your post-divorce budget will be tight, you don't need to hang on to anything with an upkeep cost unless it also comes with a way to make money. Remember that you are going to have the only income in your home, so you have to plan accordingly. This could mean bypassing assets you will enjoy but that will suck your bank account dry.

Try to obtain a balanced property division settlement

Dividing assets in divorce can lead to serious disagreements. While this might be a contentious area, remembering that you have to get this settled so you can legally end your marriage might help you to compromise. Just remember that you don't want to agree to a settlement that puts you in a bad position.

There are many different assets that might have to be worked through in a high asset divorce. These include things like real estate and vehicles, but it also includes other assets like art collections and collectibles. Because of this, you should decide at the beginning of the case what assets you want to fight for and which ones you don't mind handing over to your ex. This gives you a general guide for handling things during the negotiations.

Plan for trips with your children early to minimize stress

There are many challenges that parents have to plan for when they are traveling with children. When there is a custody order in the picture, things get a bit more complicated. Planning can help to reduce the amount of stress and trouble that vacationing parents have to deal with while preparing to leave.

One of the most important things to do if you are taking a trip out of your local area is to find out what types of notifications you need to make. Sometimes, you have to let the other parent know what's going on so they are aware of the plan. In limited cases, the court might also have to be notified. Taking care of this early can ensure that there aren't problems or conflicts.