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Coral Springs Divorce Law Blog

Equitable property division can be a challenge

People who are divorcing will have to go through the property division process. This is when you will split up the assets and debts from the marriage. There are some items, such as certain inheritances, that aren't handled during this process because the law outlines who will receive them.

The property division process also isn't required if you have a prenuptial agreement governing the assets. In this case, the terms of the prenup will come into the picture, and you'll only have to deal with items that aren't covered in it.

Parenting plans for the summer should be checked now

Even though spring was just ushered in, now is the time to look ahead to the summer months for child custody arrangements. There are many things that must be figured out quickly. This ensures that the children have appropriate care and that special things like vacations are taken care of in accordance with the parenting plan.

This summer is a bit different from summers of the past because of the coronavirus. With governments making strict limitations on activities and schools being closed, the future of many summer activities is in question.

How much do you tell the kids about an affair?

The entire family is impacted when one spouse decides they are going to be unfaithful. One question that many parents have in this situation is whether the kids need to know or not. The short answer is that it depends on the situation. Thinking about the following factors might help you determine whether to tell your kids or not.

Are you staying married?

Handling debts and assets in divorce

Amassing assets is common when a couple is married, but this can lead to some very difficult discussions when a divorce occurs. Typically, the property division process in these cases will begin with some of the larger assets; however, this might actually make things more difficult.

Instead of jumping into the assets, it might be beneficial to talk about the debts first. You and your ex can decide how to handle these. You have two primary options for doing this. The first is that you can sell off some assets and pay for the all the debts. This means that neither spouse will have to worry about whether the other one will pay the ones they should.

Toxic ex? Prepare for a contentious divorce

One challenge that comes with a divorce is having to divide the assets and debts. For some couples, this process is easy, but that's not the case in a contentious divorce. When you're splitting up from someone who is toxic, you will find that they battle you on every decision.

In this case, you might not be able to count on working out a settlement through mediation. Instead, you'll have to ask a judge to set the terms of the divorce. While this takes some of the power away from you, it also takes it away from your ex. This can work in your favor because you'll have someone who is nonpartial working to divide things. Your ex won't be able to try to manipulate you into giving them their way.

Parenting time arrangements should consider the child's emotions

When you're going through a divorce, it's easy to focus on the practical aspects of the split since these can have a tangible impact on your new life. Even though you might not realize that it's an issue, you need to be sure that you're watching your child's emotional health during the process.

The child custody arrangements you have with your ex can directly impact the children. The legal custody arrangement can do this since it has to do with decisions that are made for the child. The physical custody might be the bigger issue that you have to contend with.

Now is the time to make spring break plans

Even though spring break isn't here yet, now is the time that you need to start thinking about plans if you're going to travel. For divorced parents, there is a layer of planning that must go on that's not present when both parents still reside in the same home. This is because you'll have to let your ex know about your plans and ensure that they work with the parenting time schedule.

If you have a good parenting relationship with your ex, you might be able to negotiate the dates of the vacation or even some of the terms. Just make sure that you provide the proper notifications to your ex, so they know what to expect. This is especially important if you're planning on taking the children on a vacation that's out of the area, and you have a child custody order that limits where you can travel.

Property division is a priority in grey divorce

Divorcing when you have decades of marriage under your belt is a challenge. Not only do you have to go through the division of all the assets you've amassed during the marriage but you also have to deal with the emotional facts of walking away after all that time.

A person who's over 50 years old doesn't have as much time to recover money and financial security as someone who's much younger. This makes the property division process even more important in these grey divorces because you need to have the best financial situation as you can.

Helping toddlers adjust to their parents' divorce

Parents of toddlers often try to keep things consistent because children this age need stability in order to function. If you learn that you're going to be divorcing and have children who are toddlers or younger at home, things are going to be rather challenging. It is up to you and your ex to try to provide them with a new normal way of life quickly so they can thrive.

Children in this age group often feed off their parents' emotions. Be careful with the way that you respond to stress and contentious matters. While you might not be able to do away with all these emotions, you can let them see you find appropriate ways to work through them.

Look past marital faults for child custody purposes

Going through a divorce with children is hard. You and your ex are going to have to figure out how to build a parenting relationship with each other so that the children can have a solid foundation. While this might sound like it's going to be simple, it often isn't.

One thing that often makes the situation much more difficult is that you have anger and possibly pain that you have to deal with. Trying to separate the romantic relationship of the marriage and the parenting relationship is often complex.