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Coral Springs Divorce Law Blog

Is there alimony in Florida?

Spousal support still exists but for different reasons than previously recognized. Families typically do not rely only on one income, but spouses often seek support after divorce because they made non-financial contributions to their family, which set back their...

Co-parenting during the holidays

The holiday season is here, and that can bring new challenges for you and your co-parent as you decide how to approach custody. If you do not have a custody order in place through a Florida court, now might be a good time to start the process. How courts decide on...

Red flags of a pending gray divorce

Even those in a long-term marriage can find their relationship to be difficult and unhappy sometimes. Sometimes, a long-term marriage deteriorates so significantly that it eventually leads to divorce. The concept of couples in their 50s, 60s and beyond divorcing has...