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Fair market value of real estate matters in divorce

One of the challenges of going through a divorce is dividing the property. If you have real estate, you need to know a few basic points so that you can be sure you're doing what's best for your needs. One thing that you need to realize is that there are many numbers that apply to real estate.

Two numbers, the fair market value and the assessed value, are primary factors in the property division process. When you are trying to determine whether to sell the home or have one spouse buy the other out, the fair market value is what you need to know.

Help your children adjust to transition days and 2 homes

Children who have divorced parents have to learn how to live between two homes. This is a challenge that most adults wouldn't be able to meet easily. As the child's parent, it is up to you to try to find ways to help them learn how to make the circumstances work.

One situation that's difficult for them to deal with is transition days. Some children dread these days because they worry that their parents will have an argument during this time. They might not realize that it is possible for parents to be on the same side and work as a parenting team.

How January turns into 'divorce month' every year

It's no accident that January has become widely known as "divorce month" in legal circles everywhere. Every year, a large number of couples decide to call quits on their marriage as soon as New Year's Day is over. In fact, Google indicates that "divorce" peaks as a search term somewhere between Jan. 6 and Jan. 12 -- most likely as soon as a lot of couples manage to pull down their Christmas decorations.

Why the sudden rush? Honestly, there's usually nothing "sudden" about it. Many couples drift along in stable-but-unhappy relationships until the stress and "family-togetherness" of the holidays drive all of their conflicts to the surface. By January, they've had enough.

High-conflict divorce damages the children involved

One factor that's important when you're working out child custody terms is the child's best interests. This can be challenging to determine because it varies from one case to another, but you have to think about what your children need when you negotiate the terms.

When you determine that you're divorcing, you have to start to think about the kids immediately. Having to go through a high-conflict divorce can be emotionally damaging to the children. They don't need to see their parents constantly fighting.

You might need a financial expert on your divorce team

When you are going through a high-asset divorce, one of the primary concerns you have is making sure that you protect your finances. There are several things that can impact your financial future after a divorce, but they aren't always easy to spot when you are dealing with the stress of the split. One mistake that some people make is failing to hire a financial planner to help them understand how various decisions will impact their future.

Some divorcing couples choose to use one financial expert for the divorce. While this might save money in the short-term, it doesn't offer protections for you in the long-term. There are several things that can go wrong when you and your ex try to use the same person. One of these is that there will be miscommunication because the expert might assume that both sides have the same information when they really don't.

Help your kids cope with life after your divorce

One duty that parents have during a divorce is ensuring that the children have appropriate care. Protecting your children is something that comes naturally to parents, but making this happen during a divorce can be challenging since two adults have to agree on what happens next. Taking the time to evaluate the situation can benefit your children since you can help them to adjust better once you know what problems exist.

Looking at the signs that your child is showing can help you to figure out what's going on inside them. Some children exhibit signs of stress. This can include misbehaving at home or school. You might be able to catch this behavior if you tell the teachers and administrators at school, since they can watch what your children are doing and might be able to provide some insight into what's happening. They might also be able help the children better process what's going on.

Changing child support is possible under some circumstances

Child support is a serious responsibility that enables a parent to ensure they are financially providing for their children. The court orders this based on a host of factors, including the parents' incomes, the time the children spend with each one and other similar points. Once the court issues the order, the parents must comply with it.

There are instances in which the paying parent might not be able to keep up with the payments. This is sometimes the case when they lose their job or are demoted. If this happens to you, taking swift action might help you avoid having a major legal issue to handle.

Take care of yourself to care for your kids

When you are going through a divorce, your natural inclination is to protect your children and give them what they need. You might not realize it at the time, but they need you to take care of yourself so that you are able to care for them. This isn't always easy for a newly single parent, but it is possible if you take things one point at a time.

Getting some exercise might help you considerably. Not only does this have health benefits, but it can also help to boost your mood. At a minimum, spend 30 minutes per day doing some sort of activity. You also need to plan time to stretch daily.

Tips for reducing the stress you feel during a divorce

Going through a divorce means that you have to make major life decisions during a very stressful time in your life. It is imperative that you mentally prepare for this so that you don't end up making choices that you regret. If you are in this spot, make sure that you carefully consider each option that you have, so you can do what you feel is in your best interests.

When you file for divorce, make sure that you are behaving appropriately. Unless you know for a fact that you will end up in a divorce court, you should remain calm and collected. If you and your ex can work together to come to the terms of the divorce, you might not have as much stress. This gives you and your ex both a chance to have a say in the settlement.

Try to alleviate your child's fears during your divorce

The process of going through a divorce brings up a lot of uncertainty for children. Helping them to put their fears to rest is one of the most important duties you have as a parent during this difficult transition. As you work to do this, you might find that you have to approach the situation from a variety of areas.

Not having contact with their parents is a fear that many children have in this situation. Encourage your children to talk to you or their other parent no matter which house they are at. This can include phone calls, text messages and video chats. The goal is to let the children know that neither parent will stop them from contacting the other one.