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Interests of the children are the sole focus of custody cases

Fighting for custody of your children is often a lengthy battle. You have to be prepared to handle a litany of issues throughout the process. The more you prepare for this, the better you are likely to fare.

One of the first things to know is that there is usually a presumption that the children are better off if they have a meaningful relationship with both parents. This doesn't mean that you can't seek full custody, but it does mean that you have to be prepared to share the children with your ex.

Detach from emotions during property division

High asset divorces are often challenging because of the value and number of assets that have to go through the property division process. There is a chance that it is going to take multiple sessions to get things in order for the divorce to reach the final stage. When you are going through this, there is one major thing that you need to avoid – allowing your emotions to govern your choices.

When you let your emotions take the lead, you might end up with a settlement that makes you feel good at first. As time goes on, you may find that it is such a financial strain that you can't enjoy the assets that you received. You have to try to emotionally detach from material goods, so you can do what's truly in your best interests.

Tips for dealing with a harassing ex you have children with

Dealing with harassment from your ex when you are trying to handle custody matters makes the situation more difficult than necessary. Not only can this type of circumstance wear on your emotions, but it can also have an impact on the kids, so it is necessary to stop it quickly.

First, try to talk to your ex to find out why they are behaving that way. There might be an underlying issue they are mad about. Addressing it could help them to calm down and leave you alone. You might consider having a neutral third-party step into the situation to help resolve the matter.

Retirement accounts are only one asset in property division

Many people work hard so they can save for retirement. It is unpleasant to think that someone will be able to strip that money away from this, but this is what might happen in a divorce. If you have any retirement accounts, you will likely have to split them during the property division process. The exception to this is if there is a prenuptial agreement that covers these accounts.

If you do have to divide the retirement accounts, you need specific documentation to do this. Many accounts use the qualified domestic relations order, which is commonly known as a QDRO.

Tips for adjusting to co-parenting after divorce

Going through a divorce when you have children puts you in a precarious position because you aren't able to stop having contact with your ex. You have to learn how to move past your feelings for them and start thinking of them as nothing more than the parent of your child.

The transition from intimacy to co-parenting can be challenging. There are a few ways that you might be able to smooth this over.

High-asset divorces are a bit easier with a prenuptial agreement

People who have considerable assets when they are getting married need to have a prenuptial agreement. This helps to ensure that they are protected if the marriage doesn't last. The agreement outlines the terms of how things will be divided in a divorce, so each party must understand the terms before they sign. With very few exceptions, prenuptial agreements are enforced by the court.

The prenuptial agreement can cover assets that one person owns when they come into the marriage. This helps to protect them from losing those if there is a divorce; however, this can be a challenge in some cases because the prenup can't overly favor one party.

Create a positive childhood for your children despite divorce

Children deserve to a have a childhood they can look back on and have fond memories. This doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money or spoil them with lavish things. Instead, it means that they should have a loving family that puts their needs first. This might not be easy when you are going through a divorce, so you will have to put forth an effort to make things stable for the children.

One of the most difficult things for children to handle is when their parents have conflicts. Trying to minimize their exposure to the problems that you and your ex have can protect them from having to live a constantly contentious life. You have to try to have difficult conversations with your ex away from the children. Additionally, never ask the kids to relay messages between parents because this puts them directly in the stress zone that comes with conflicts.

Know the factors related to spousal support that impact you

Some people assume that they are going to receive alimony when they go through a divorce. This isn't ever a guaranteed event unless there is a signed agreement that denotes one party will receive these spousal payments. There are several points that are considered when the court is deciding whether alimony is appropriate or not.

One thing that might help you receive alimony is if you can work with your ex to have it included in the divorce agreement. This would enable you and your ex to determine important factors, such as amounts and the payment schedule. Even the method of payment might need to be discussed.

Help your children address strong emotions caused by divorce

Divorce is a rough time for children, but this doesn't mean that it is time to coddle them and let them get away with anything. You can use your divorce as a chance for self-improvement if you are willing to put forth some effort. One of the primary things that you need to do is model good behavior for them so that they can see the appropriate ways to handle situations, so try to keep your own anger and emotions under control.

Sometimes, children have a difficult time expressing their feelings. When this happens, they might lash out. This can include verbal outbursts. You might become infuriated if this happens. Try not to overact. Instead, realize that this is a chance for you to help your children. You can teach them how to express hard feelings and remind them that inappropriate expressions aren't allowed.

Valuation in divorce can become a complex undertaking

Asset valuation is one of the biggest things to consider when you are negotiating the property division during a divorce. It is imperative that you understand some basic information about what happens during the process so that you can make decisions that are in your best interests.

The purpose of the valuation process is to place a dollar value on each asset. This is helpful in the property division process because it can make the division of assets as equitable as possible. Interestingly, different assets might have different valuation processes than others, so it can be a rather complex undertaking.