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Coral Springs Child Support Lawyers

At the Law Offices of Mark Abzug, P.A., in Coral Springs, we understand the parents’ legal responsibilities in providing financial support for their children. Disputes concerning the proper calculation of child support and the factors permitting modification can be complex and you should speak with an experienced attorney to determine how to best resolve the matter. Contact our offices to schedule a FREE initial consultation, or call 954-753-1003For more information on child support, visit our Family Law Frequently Asked Questions page.

Child Support Calculator

A parent has a legal responsibility to support his or her child until the child turns 18 or graduates from high school, whichever is later. However, if the minor child cannot graduate from high school prior to attaining the age of 19, the child support is terminated upon the child’s 18th birthday. Child support is governed by F.S.§ 61.30, and is determined by applying a mathematical formula using the “child support guidelines.” The mathematical formula takes into account a variety of factors including but not limited to:

  • Net monthly income
  • Daycare and/or aftercare expenses
  • Health insurance
  • Time sharing schedule/overnights
  • Court Ordered alimony actually paid
  • Court Ordered child support actually paid (from another relationship)

The court can deviate from the guidelines for a variety of reasons, including but not necessarily limited to, the cost of transportation for out-of-state parents, special needs of the child, (medical / educational), the payor’s ability to meet his/her basic living expenses, time sharing schedule and any other relevant factor. We use the latest in technology to calculate child support, alimony, and the related tax effects.

Our firm can also help you modify child support or defend against child support actions.

Calculating Income of Self-Employed Spouses

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Modification of Child Support Due to Involuntary Reduction of Income

The calculation of child support is often the most straightforward part of a case unless one of the parties is self-employed. Many self-employed individuals don’t accurately report all of their income to the federal government. Although you may not be certain how much money your spouse makes, there are lifestyle indicators – especially when an individual is living beyond his or her reported income.

A lot of information can be obtained during the discovery to show unreported income. Additionally experts, such as forensic accountants and vocational consultants, can be retained to report and testify about a spouse’s income and earning capacity. Forensic accountants and other experts can be expensive, so we only recommend using one when necessary.

Imputing Income of Unemployed and Underemployed Spouses

Vocational experts are brought in if one of the spouses is unemployed, willfully underemployed, or has had a job loss. Their work experience, education, and skills are reviewed along with the job market. The courts are then told what the individual can expect to make based on available new jobs and the overall industry.

Emotional Issues

Our attorneys recognize that while child support usually involves “black and white” mathematical calculations, it is also an area of law that is rife with emotion. While we are aggressive litigators, we are also supportive and empathetic to our clients’ situations. Divorce is a difficult time and financial disputes only compound the aggravation. At our firm, you can count on us to be your advocate.

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