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Some real estate agencies address common divorce issues

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Property Division

Many sellers in the Florida real estate market make up a niche that has become a specialty for some agencies. Couples going through a divorce often face challenges beyond those experienced by other sellers. The division of marital property can be contentious, and the different types of conflicts can have an effect on home showings, offers from prospective buyers and price negotiations.

One of the problems experienced by real-estate agents is the relative comfort of each selling party. A female agent may find it difficult to communicate with the man. Specialty agencies sometimes use a team in order to bypass communication problems. Another problem common to divorcing couples is the fact that buyers who know of the divorce are far more likely to make lower offers, according to one managing director at a major real-estate firm. An agent sensitive to this reality has a number of options to prevent low offers.

A senior vice president at another major real-estate firm said that one problem is that a partner may have already removed clothing or other possessions. An easy fix is to replace the items from a thrift or a friend’s off-season clothing. A vigilant real estate agent with a specialty in divorce can stay alert for problems such as one partner sabotaging the sale.

Real estate agencies that specialize in divorce do not usually advertise the fact in order to prevent putting sellers at risk. A divorce attorney may be able to provide references for this and other useful services for anyone undergoing simple or complex property division. Equitable division of all property obtained during the marriage may ensure that both parties have access to the financial advantages of their years of labor.

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