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Planning for the best outcome in a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2013 | High Asset Divorce

When someone is going through a divorce in Florida, they might focus on child custody, the division of assets or property distribution. Most states have laws that divide assets equitably, not in half, which means that women could end up short-changed. According to Huffington Post, couples can take steps to prepare for a complex asset divorce.

First, their financial information should be organized. The more paperwork they provide their attorney, the better their attorney will be able to defend their case in court. They will need tax records, bank account information, retirement information, stocks and bonds, insurance policies, deeds, titles and any other relevant information. They will also need to open their own financial accounts, including credit cards and bank accounts.

They can set up a transitional account for any expenses that might occur from the time of the separation until the divorce is finalized. They should seek both financial and legal assistance in order to divide assets fairly. Family law attorneys may be able to help ensure their rights are protected during this critical time. They should set up a child support amount for the welfare of their offspring.

They should think about college and plan for tuition expenses. Health care is another consideration that divorcing couples need to negotiate. Most plans, such as through an employer, cover children until they are 18. They should also assess how much it will cost to keep their residence. Finally, they should determine how they will plan for and divide retirement benefits. Divorce settlement negotiations may be complicated, especially for couples who have children and who have been married a number of years. A family law attorney might be able to help clients negotiate a fair and just settlement that will put the children’s best interests first.

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