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Divorce and child custody: Reducing your child’s stress

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2014 | Child Custody

When parents get divorced, it is no secret that the children are affected by the split. Some parents try to protect their children from the things going on in the divorce, but other parents like to involve the children so they know what is going on. Regardless of how parents choose to relay the happenings of the divorce to the children, there are often things the children think about but are too scared or worried to say to their parents. Florida parents might be interested in learning what some of these thoughts might be so they can use the information to make the divorce as smooth as possible for the children.

One very important thought that children may have revolves around the child custody aspect of the divorce. Children don’t want to feel like they are burden to their parents. They don’t want to be used as a bargaining tool or talked about like they are property.

The children also likely don’t care who gets what in the divorce. Ultimately, they likely only wonder why you care about stuff more than the family that is splitting apart.

New relationships are another touchy subject for many children. They don’t usually like someone stepping into what they may view as the other parent’s spot. They don’t want you to expect them to like your new “friend,” and they don’t want the new “friend” to discipline them. This might be a topic to address in the child custody agreement.

Children also want you to respect the other parent, but may not know how to let you know that because of fear or worry. Insulting your ex is something that should be avoided in front of the children. Additionally, making fun of things your ex gives the children or does with the children should be avoided. This point also ventures into how you and your ex interact at group events, such as the child’s birthday. Your child likely wants to enjoy special days with both parents.

While going through a divorce is very difficult, protecting the children should be a top priority. Remembering these points and even addressing some of them in the child custody agreement can help to alleviate some of the stress and worry that you and your children will have while going through the divorce and learning to live a new life.

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