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Florida parents fight over child’s circumcision despite agreement

On Behalf of | May 17, 2014 | Child Custody

When people who aren’t married have a child together, some of the desires the parents agree to become part of a parenting plan. A parenting plan can be used by parents who have divorced or parents who were never married. This plan is used to dictate how specific situations will be handled. A recent case in Florida has shed light on how issues can creep up between the parents even if there is a parenting plan on file.

The case at hand involves two parents who weren’t married at the time the child was born on Halloween in 2010. In December of the following year, the mother of the boy signed a parenting plan that stipulated the boy’s father would pay for and schedule a circumcision for the child. The father signed the agreement in January of 2012.

Now, the mother has decided that since the boy is three years old a circumcision isn’t necessary. She wants to go back on the agreement and simply leave the boy uncircumcised. She cites concerns about the anesthesia as one of the reasons she is trying to change her position on the medical procedure.

A pediatric urologist has testified that he wouldn’t do the procedure on a child who is three. He did, however, note that being uncircumcised means a higher risk of HIV. He also said that only uncircumcised males are at risk for penile cancer.

A Palm Beach County judge refused to issue a stay of a court order requiring the parenting plan to be followed. The Fourth District Court of Appeal, however, has stepped in and granted an emergency petition to review the matter before the appellate court.

This case shows just how important it is for parents who are dealing with child custody and parenting plans make sure that they can abide by the agreements set forth in those plans. Those who are going through a child custody issue should make sure they understand their options so they can ensure that their child’s interests are adequately protected.

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