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Woman can’t serve divorce papers to husband in witness protection

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

When most people decide to divorce, the process is fairly clear-cut. Your spouse has to be served with the divorce papers so they can answer them and know what is going on. While that is easy in most cases, there are some cases in which that isn’t so simple. A recent case in Florida shows how life’s circumstances can sometimes make getting a divorce rather complex.

The case involves a couple who was part of a Ponzi scheme. The wife, who is serving a sentence at a facility in Sumterville, wants to divorce her husband. She pleaded guilty to hiding assets from the bankruptcy court and criminal courts.

He is also incarcerated, but because he served as an informant regarding organized crime, he is in the witness protection program. He is being held at an undisclosed secret facility in an effort to keep him safe from his former associates.

Since his whereabouts aren’t known, his wife is unable to serve him with the divorce papers. Because of the unique circumstances, the wife has had to ask the court for an extension of the deadline to serve the man.

Following the divorce process isn’t always easy. In the case of divorces like this one with unique circumstances or ones that deal with considerable assets, going through the divorce process can prove to be rather complex. Understanding the Florida laws governing divorce, such as serving deadlines, might help you as you try to free yourself from your marriage so you can get started with your new life as quickly as possible.

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