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What factors affect child custody in Florida?

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2014 | Child Custody

For someone going through a child custody case in Florida, finding out what the court considers as part of the award process might be something you have thought about. These factors have a big impact on what the judge decides is going to be the final child custody order.

Will my finances be considered?

The ability to provide for your child is considered as part of a child custody proceeding. This, however, doesn’t mean only finances. The court will consider your ability to provide for your child’s development, as well as the time you spend with your child and the relationship you have with your child. Your financial situation also comes into play in regards to the home life you can provide. Stable housing is a big part of what is considered in these cases.

Is a history of domestic violence considered?

If you or your ex have been accused of domestic violence, that might be a factor that comes into play during the child custody proceedings. This is a situation in which the court might exercise its right to use the wide discretion afforded to it to come up with a child custody arrangement that puts the child’s interests first.

Will my relationship with my ex be considered?

How you and your ex communicate and cooperate is part of what is considered when making a child custody agreement. The court will consider how you and your ex will handle changes that need to be made by the other parent, as well as how each of you will follow the time-sharing schedule.

Overall, the court puts the best interests of the child first. Because child custody laws can be complex, it is vital for you to have a firm grasp on the custody laws that affect your case.

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