Virtual visitation helps long-distance parent-child relationships

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Parents who have gone through a divorce might not always be able to stay within a reasonable distances from one another. This can make things challenging when it comes to the children being able to see both parents; however, seeing their parents is one way that children develop a relationship with the parents. Parents who have child custody agreements in Florida are some of the lucky parents in the country. Florida is one of the states that allow virtual visitation in child custody cases.

Virtual visitation is also called Internet visitation or electronic visitation. This type of visitation allows the child and parent to have contact through online platforms as a way for the child to see the parent and show the parent various things. This can be a good way for a parent to see a child practicing for a play or to show off an honor roll certificate.

In some cases, emails between the parent and child are part of virtual visitation. Instant messaging and text messaging might also be used. Because these ways are often used in connection with the telephone, the child might be able to forge a closer relationship with the non-custodial parent.

There are three points that are important for virtual visitation. The first is that the communication between child and parent should be uncensored. The second is that the parent who has custody of the child should permit and encourage the visits. The third is that the parents should work to make the visits reasonably available.

Putting the child’s best interests first is a priority for the court and the parents. If you are going through a child custody case that might benefit from virtual visitation, you should learn about the possibility to determine if you think it will work for your child.

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