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Financial tips for people going through a divorce in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

Remember last week when we told you that a divorce can destroy your credit? That post might have some people who are going through a divorce worried about the lasting effect of the divorce. We don’t want you to worry that much, so we are going to discuss some options you have that might help you to ensure your credit and your financial status aren’t negatively affected by your divorce.

Our Florida readers might not realize that they should close down joint credit accounts. When you and your spouse opened the account, the creditor held you and your spouse liable for the bill. Now that you are getting divorce, chances are good that you don’t want to have to pay for what your ex charges after you separate.

Besides closing joint accounts, you should also work to come up with a new budget that reflects your new monthly income and your new monthly expenses. This might mean that you aren’t able to live up to the same standards you did when you were married, especially at first. By making a budget, you are ensuring that you don’t have to deal with financial ruin caused by the income change after your divorce.

We don’t want you to think that you have to go through your divorce alone. We are here to help you as you go through the divorce process. We know that going through the property division aspect of divorce is one way that you can ensure you are able to start your life on a solid financial foundation. We can help you in your quest to get the settlement you need.