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Child custody and time sharing of an infant might be challenging

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2014 | Child Custody

When parents get divorced, a determination needed on how to handle child custody can often be difficult to find. When the child is an infant, things can get even more complicated. Our readers in Florida might be interested in learning how child custody cases can be affected by some of the parenting choices that are made.

Attachment parenting, for example, is said to help an infant become secure and feel safe. The belief for this type of parenting is that the child can’t be away from the parent for even short periods of time. This can make child custody arrangements difficult because the attached parent believes they can’t be away from the child.

Of course, there is one factor that truly can affect child custody arrangements. That factor is how the child is fed. A breastfed infant might not be able to be away from the mother for very long. In some cases, the mother can pump breast milk to send with the child. That, however, might prove difficult if the child is very young.

Even for toddlers, it can prove difficult to find a child custody arrangement that helps to keep the child secure. Toddlers don’t understand having to go back and forth between parents. Long term issues can result from the instability. Parents, however, can work together to ensure the children remain stable despite the need to shuttle the child back and forth between homes.

Coming up with child custody arrangements for infants and toddlers can prove to be challenging. Working to effectively present your side of the case might help you in your quest to ensure your child has a loving, stable life.

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