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Florida divorce with no children and property division agreement

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2014 | High Asset Divorce

When married couples are ready to call it quits, they might want to go about the divorce in the fastest manner possible. For some Florida residents, a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage might be the answer they are seeking. There are some very specific points to consider in regard to this type of divorce because not everyone will qualify for it.

In order to seek this type of divorce, there are nine points that must be met. The first of these is that you must meet the residency requirement. You, your spouse or both of you must have lived in Florida for the six months prior to the divorce. Both of you must agree that your marriage cannot be saved. You have to give up your right to trial and appeal. You both have to go to the clerk’s office to sign paperwork. You both have to be present at the final hearing.

In a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage, there can’t be any children involved. You can’t have any children and the woman can’t be pregnant at the time of the petition. You have to have come up with a mutually agreeable property division arrangement. Neither spouse can seek alimony, and no financial records beyond the affidavits can be asked for.

If you can meet all those requirements, you qualify for the simple divorce, which can greatly reduce the amount of time your divorce takes since you don’t have to wait for a trial date. It is vital that you understand exactly how the terms of your divorce will affect you prior to filing the petition.

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