Troubling circumstances surround Scott Stapp’s divorce

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When people have been married for more than a few years and have children together, some people might assume that the marriage is strong and will continue to last. A quick glance at our blog lets you know that isn’t always the case. Some marriages have lasted several years or even decades before the spouses decide to call it quits. The recent announcement of Scott Stapp’s wife filing for divorce is one such case.

The couple has been married for eight years. They have two children together. In October, Stapp’s wife left their marital home. Last month, she filed for divorce in Palm Beach County, Florida.

The circumstances surrounding the divorce are troubling to say the least. She says that he has been suicidal and threatened to harm his family. She also alleges that he has been abusing drugs. She asked a judge to admit the man into a substance abuse facility.

Stapp, who was the frontman for Creed, has a different story. Rambling videos on Facebook show him claiming to be broke. He says he is sober and hasn’t been taking drugs or drinking alcohol. He has a history of substance abuse but is said to have been clean in recent years.

No matter what this man’s sobriety status, the fact remains that this estranged husband and wife have to deal with child custody matters, property division issues and debt division questions. Anyone facing a similar situation will have to do the same. Knowing your rights and understanding how Florida handles these matters can help you as you go through the divorce process.

Source: CBS News, “Scott Stapp’s wife speaks out” Dec. 02, 2014

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