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Alimony law changes might be on the horizon in Florida

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2015 | Alimony

There might be some changes on the horizon for alimony payments in Florida. That is one of the issues before the state Legislature for this year. If the radical reform is approved, lifetime alimony would be eliminated in our state. Our readers might remember when Gov. Rick Scott vetoed a similar measure two years ago after it passed through the Legislature.

The basis for lifelong alimony began in the days when women didn’t work and men provided for the home. Those laws are thought by some to be outdated now since more women are entering the workforce. When Gov. Scott vetoed the measure two years ago, he did so saying that it would affect people who were already receiving alimony payments. Since the newest bill doesn’t include that stipulation, it is thought that the new bill will be passed without issue.

If the bill passes, judges would have guidelines set for how long to award alimony and alimony payments would have an end date set. The judge would still have the leeway to bypass those support guidelines in extreme cases. The bill’s sponsor says that this measure will help to alleviate the uncertainty surrounding alimony payments in divorces. With the inclusion of guidelines that are similar to child support guidelines, people who are part of a case involving alimony would know what to expect when they go to court.

As it stands now, there is great leeway when it comes to alimony. Knowing what to expect and learning about the current laws regarding alimony can help you to determine how alimony in your case might be handled.

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