Parenting plans are a personal child custody arrangement

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When you and your child’s other parent go through a divorce or are no longer in a relationship, you have to work with the other parent to decide how to parent your child. Part of that can come through creating a parenting plan with the child’s other parent. We can help our Florida readers to come up with a parenting plan that helps to cover a variety of topics.

Generally, a parenting plan covers aspects of child custody like who makes medical care decisions and who makes education decisions for the child. Some parenting agreements cover how to handle significant changes in either parent’s life.

Unlike a traditional custody agreement, both parents come together to come up with a parenting plan. This have a huge advantage over the court ordered agreements because parenting plans are essentially custom-made of your situation.

You and your ex know your child best. By working together to come up with a parenting plan that takes your child’s needs and schedule into account. You can also take your child’s preferences into account when you work with your ex to make a parenting plan.

A good parenting plan should include child support payment information, a visitation schedule and travel allowances or restrictions. Ideally, the plan should be flexible but comprehensive so that everyone knows what to expect. We can help you to ensure all your child’s needs are covered in the parenting plan.

Even the best planned parenting plan might need to be modified. We can even help you to determine if and how a parenting plan should be modified if your situation or your ex’s situation changes.

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