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Representative Grayson settles divorce with an annulment

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Many of our readers have probably been following Rep. Alan Grayson’s divorce. If you remember, this divorce has been full of turns and twists that have kept many people enthralled. There were accusations of bigamy and domestic violence, which was initially filed in January 2014 by Mrs. Grayson. In the latest news regarding the divorce, both parties have agreed to have the marriage annulled instead of moving forward with a divorce.

The couple was married for 25 years. Before a recent hearing, the parties met for an hour. After that meeting, it took only three minutes for the judge to announce the resolution. Rep. Grayson’s attorney stated that he will present the final agreement to the judge soon.

The annulment cancels out the marriage. Unlike with a divorce, which ends a marriage, the annulment completely erases the marriage. Both Rep. Grayson and his estranged wife were encouraged by the judge to come to a settlement to keep the embarrassment level down. The judge said that it was especially important for the couple’s five children.

The terms of the annulment haven’t been made public. It is interesting to note that an annulment doesn’t have the same property division guidelines as a divorce. It is unclear how the $30 million in assets will be handled in this divorce case.

Anyone who is facing an annulment to erase his or her marriage should be aware of the differences between an annulment and divorce. Understanding your rights and knowing these differences might help you to ensure you can protect your best interests as you move forward with erasing your marriage.

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