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Taking preteen to concert wasn’t bad parenting rules judge

On Behalf of | May 1, 2015 | Child Custody

Mother-daughter outings are a great way for mothers and daughters to bond. As the daughter grows up, the nature of the outings changes. Even with the changes, those outings are still important. One mother’s outing with her daughter led her to court.

The mother, who took her daughter to a Pink concert when the child was 11 years old, was accused of abusing her decision-making privileges. Her ex-husband, the child’s father, filed a claim with the court alleging that it wasn’t appropriate for the mother to take her daughter to the concert in Dec. 2013.

The judge presiding over the case spoke privately with the preteen and took the mother’s reasoning into consideration before he issued a 37-page decision about the matter. The judge rejected the father’s claims. He noted that some of Pink’s songs have suggestive lyrics and moves; however, he noted that Pink’s works aren’t necessarily inappropriate for children who are preteens.

Ultimately, the judge noted that the mother didn’t compromise the child’s safety, health or welfare. He noted that the child wasn’t subjected to any unreasonable harm by her mother’s decision. Using lyrics from some of Pink’s music, the judge noted that the girl went to her first concert and had a good time with her mother at the concert.

The judge’s ruling also included a short history of rock ‘n’ roll, as well as remarks on divorced parents using judges as referees for these types of issues.

Even though this case happened in New Jersey and not in Florida, it provides some insight into how different parenting styles can be. It also shows how some differences can land parents in court.

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