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Parenting plans do have to be reviewed and approved

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | Child Custody

The upside to creating your own parenting plan with your ex is clear: By doing so, you and your legal team can sit down and figure out a deal that works for both sides. You don’t have to rely only on a court ruling. This gives you the ultimate level of control over how you raise your children.

Working with your ex on this—these plans are typically used in an amicable split—allows there to be some give and take. Perhaps your ex has certain holiday arrangements that he or she prefers, for example. They may not be optimal for you, but you may agree to them if the summer vacation plans better fit your schedule.

The goal is to find a solution that, while it is a compromise, does give you both most of the things you’re looking for. This way, you know your child is going to be raised in a way that you approve of. It allows you and your ex to still act as parents should, even though you are not together.

This all sounds good, but it’s important to understand the full legal process, which means you must know that the plan does have to be submitted to the court, reviewed and approved. This is true in every single case. Writing your own parenting plan does give you more freedom, but it doesn’t get the court out of it entirely. Make sure you follow all of the right steps to make the plan official in Florida.

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