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Florida bill could bring changes to alimony

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Alimony

Alimony and spousal support are some of the most adversarial issues you may face during your divorce. While many people understand the need for child support, having to pay your ex-spouse money is not as easy to swallow. While under the current Florida laws, permanent alimony is an option, this could be changing soon.

An alimony reform bill has made it past two House committees and will come to the House floor for a vote soon. The bill proposes changes to how alimony is handled in the state of Florida, and one of these changes could be to end permanent alimony payments as an option.

Like most matters that involve finances, the bill has drawn strong feedback from both sides of the matter. Those in favor of the bill see it as a way to make alimony payments more fair for the payor and ensure that alimony is not seen as a way to bankroll the rest of the payee’s life after the divorce.

Those against the bill, however, have pointed out that the proposed changes could unjustly penalize those who have given up careers to stay at home with the children or otherwise support their spouses. Women say the change would be unfair to spouses who give up careers to take care of the children or otherwise support their spouses.

It was unclear from reports how soon the proposed changes would go into effect should the bill pass, but those who have questions about their alimony payments or other options can talk with a family law attorney in Florida to get more information.

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