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Parents are very protective of their children. That is one of the reasons why child custody cases are so difficult. Each parent has a desire to have things go his or her way because he or she feels that is the best option for the child. We know that you are probably ready to have the child custody matters handled and over with so that you can move forward with your life. We can help you learn what you need to know about custody and visitation so that you are prepared for the case.

In Florida, the child’s best interest is the primary consideration for the court. When we are fighting for your rights to parent your child, we must show the court why your right to parent your child is actually in the child’s best interest.

One possible solution to child custody issues is shared parenting. In this case, you and your ex would have the opportunity to be an active part of the child’s life. In most cases, this is what is best for the child. Of course, there are some instances in which it might not be best. If your spouse was abusive, you might feel the need to fight for full custody of your child.

The bottom line is that you should know what options you have when it comes to child custody matters. If you and your ex are able to work things out, you might get a favorable agreement. If that isn’t possible, we can prepare your case for court so that the judge can decide what is going to happen.

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