Focus on your child and not your emotions

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As we discussed last week, your child must be the focus of the child custody agreement. When you are coming up with the agreement, you have to think about what is best for your child. Once the agreement is made, you have to try to make the transition from parent to parent as easy as you can for your child.

We know that you might find it very difficult to think past your own emotions right now. We are here to help you think about what your child needs. We can help you to explore the legal options that you have to handle everything related to child custody.

The ultimate goal of your child custody agreement is to allow your child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents, as long as it is safe to do so. You can help with this process by keeping an open mind and still being willing to bring up your concerns.

If you and your ex can’t work out the child custody agreement, we can always turn to the court to determine what the agreement needs to be. This will take some of the decision making about what happens out of your hands, but it is sometimes the only option that we have to get the case settled.

Child custody matters aren’t ever really easy unless both parents agree on everything, and if that was the case, you probably wouldn’t be facing a divorce. Child custody is only one part of the divorce process, and we can help you with it and all the others that apply to your case.

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