High-asset divorces can be complicated

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We recently discussed some of the issues that have to do with property division in a divorce. This is only one of the areas of contention that you might have to deal with when you get a divorce. The fact of the matter is that almost everything that has to do with a divorce is going to be a bit difficult. We know that you might not really be prepared to deal with the issues that come up. While we can’t make decisions for you, we can help you to learn about what laws play a part in your case so that you can make informed choices.

When you are going through a divorce, you will likely have to have answer questions about your finances. This is especially true in a high-asset divorce. It is crucial that these questions are answered truthfully and accurately. If you think that your ex isn’t being forthcoming with the information, we might need to use a forensic accountant to find out the truth.

In high-asset divorces, trying to determine how to split businesses, pensions, retirement accounts and other assets can be difficult. We know that you might already have an idea about what you want. That is a good starting point, but you should be willing to think about alternative arrangements. This is especially true if you want to hurry up and get the divorce over with.

There isn’t any easy way to go through a high-asset divorce. Each point of the divorce has to be considered carefully. Decisions have to be made. Once you know what the options are, we can help you to move forward down your chosen path.

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