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Drug abuse can impact child custody and property division

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

Drug abuse in a marriage is a horrible thing to have to deal with. When that marriage is ending and drug abuse is an issue, that drug abuse can have an impact on the terms of the divorce. Whether you are the person who has a drug problem or if you are the other spouse, you should consider these points when considering the effects of the drugs on the divorce.

Drug usage can have an impact on the property division settlement. This settlement might lean more toward the spouse who wasn’t doing drugs because the court might view the negative impact the drug abuse had on the marital finances. The court might also consider how likely it is that the assets will be used for drug money if they are turned over to a person who is still using drugs.

Another aspect of divorce that can be affected by drug abuse is child custody. The courts aren’t very likely to give a known drug abuser custody of a child. In fact, the parent who is abusing drugs might find that they are only able to get supervised visitation with their children. This isn’t meant to punish the person addicted to drugs. Instead, it is meant to protect the children.

If you are dealing with a divorce that has drug addiction as a component, you should learn about how laws might impact the case. No matter which side of the case you were on, there is a good chance that drug abuse can have an impact on your divorce. A lot might be at stake in a high-asset divorce when drugs are involved.

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