Summer travel plans require thought when custody is an issue

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Taking a trip over the summer months is one way that you can enjoy the warmer weather and explore somewhere different. If you head up north, you might even find a break from the Florida heat and humidity. If you have children and aren’t in a relationship with your child’s other parent, you may need to start planning right now so that you can address any issues that might come up.

Most child custody orders have schedules for the summer. Review your order so you can find out when you can travel with your child if you are planning a family vacation. If possible, plan to leave on a day when you have your child and come back before your ex’s turn to have him or her.

This isn’t always possible, such as if you are taking a cruise and can’t find one that leaves and returns within your travel window. In that case, you would have to see if you can work something out with your ex so that your child can go. You may need to try to trade some visitation days or make a similar agreement.

As you try to figure out the logistics, remember that your ex is also making summer plans. You should be willing to work with your ex on plans while your ex is also being flexible. This will enable your child to enjoy making memories with both parents, which will let the summer an even better one for your child.

If worse comes to worst and you can’t come to any agreements about summer with your ex, you may need to turn to the court to try to resolve the conflicts.

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