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Think about your child’s best interests in child custody matters

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Child Custody

Your child custody and support orders are serious documents that you must be sure to understand. We recently discussed the importance of this. When there is something that you don’t fully understand, you must get clarification of it right away so that you can be sure you don’t do anything that goes against it.

The journey to a child custody order can include mediation or a trial. Both options require that the best interests of the child are determined. That is the ultimate goal of any child custody case — to determine what is the child’s best interests and go from there.

We know that you might have some concerns about how the court determines what is in the child’s best interests. The fact is that a lot of things determine this. The court considers how each decision will impact the child’s life right away and into the future. If you go through a trial, the court’s view of these matters is important.

One major factor is who is the child’s primary caregiver. This is the person who cares for the child the most. Putting the child to bed, helping with dressing and feeding the child are some of the factors considered for younger children. Helping with school work and transporting the child are considered for older children.

We understand that you might have questions about how each point in a child custody order can impact you and your child. We can help you to evaluate each option so that you can make decisions about how you want to proceed with your case.