Divorces aren’t always quick or simple

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Going through a divorce is sometime a long and messy process. There are some people who are able to work through the matters at hand and get it all taken care of quickly; however, not everyone is that lucky.

The desire to battle out every single issue in the divorce is something that is all too common for some people. Instead of being willing to compromise, they try to play hardball. This can make life simply miserable for the other person. In some cases, the desire to play hardball and make the rules continues on after the divorce is over.

Some adults who have children with their ex have to deal with contentious matters as long as the child is a minor. These cases sometimes involve costly court battles long after the divorce is final. For example, you might have to wage a legal battle if your ex isn’t paying child support, related expenses or isn’t abiding by the child custody schedule. This means that you would have to be out of money for lawyers, court costs and other expenses of standing up to your ex over the lack of compliance.

In some cases, having to fight to get an ex to pay child support payments can lead to legal bills that are higher than the payments you might or might not see in the future. It might be possible to seek to have your ex pay those legal fees. Still, it is important for parents to support their children so taking your ex to court over this is often an important step.

Another thing that can happen is that an ex makes false statements about you during the divorce or a child custody proceeding. There is a chance that you would have to disprove the statement, which is a legal battle of its own.

In all of these cases, it is important to make sure that you know what options and rights you have as you legally end your marriage. This might help to guide your decision about what you need to do.

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