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Shared parenting takes work on the part of the adults

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2018 | Child Custody

Shared parenting is often rewarding for the children, but it is sometimes difficult for the parents. Making an effort to make the situation as easy as possible can help you as you work on helping your children thrive as they grow. One thing that makes this situation a bit challenging is that you have to work closely with your ex.

One of your top priorities in these situations is to be honest. You need to make sure that you are keeping promises and following through with other things. This goes for your interactions with your ex and your children. Any dishonesty can lead to more serious troubles down the road.

Another priority is respect. You should use this time to teach your children that mutual respect is necessary, even in challenging situations. On top of being a life lesson for the children, showing your ex respect might help soothe over situations that are contentious.

You should also be ready to compromise without trying to use your children as pawns in the negotiations. Instead, you should focus on what is best for them. Don’t try to do things just to make life more difficult for your ex. Hopefully, your ex will avoid using the children against you, too.

If things are spiraling downhill in the shared parenting relationship, you and your ex might need to consider therapy. This would likely involve both adults and the children so that everyone’s thoughts, wishes and emotions are considered when trying to come up with solutions for the issues that come up throughout the child’s life.

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