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Alimony can repay you for your marital sacrifices

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Alimony

Getting a routine down after a divorce can be challenging. One thing that you might find takes on a new level of importance is becoming financially stable. If you spent your married years caring for the house or the children, you might realize that it is going to be hard to enter the workforce again.

For some individuals in this position, alimony provides a temporary solution to the problem. One form of spousal support is based on the need for the recipient spouse to try to find ways to earn a living. Rehabilitative alimony is a short-term arrangement in which the paying spouse supports the recipient spouse while the person receiving the money attends classes or goes through training to do a job.

We know that you might not want to have your ex supporting you after the divorce. You should think of these payments a way to repay you for the sacrifices you made while you were still married. Now that you need to earn a living yourself, you need time to get the tools you need to make this happen.

Other forms of alimony are also possible. When you know that you are going to need financial support from your ex, you should look at these and figure out if you and your ex can come to an agreement about the terms of the payments. In many cases, working together on this point will help you get the divorce finalized as quickly as possible.

We are here to help you through every aspect of your divorce, including seeking alimony payments. Once we know your goals, we can work on a strategy to work toward them.