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Child support is critical for the children

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Child Support

Parents who aren’t in a relationship with their child’s mother or father might have to pay child support. It is easy to think of this money as going to the other parent; however, it is actually going to the child. Since children are minors, it is impossible to pay the money directly to them so the custodial parent accepts it.

There are many different things that financial support for children should cover. The important thing for the parents to remember is that it should help meet the child’s basic needs. As long as the children have what they need, there might not be much that the court will do if one parent is questioning what the other is doing with the money.

We understand that child support isn’t always something pleasant to think about. Some parents are able to pay the required amount without any difficulty, but there are times when circumstances might change. For people who need to seek a modification to their current child support order, quick action is necessary. You don’t want to end up with a high arrears balance if it can be prevented.

Many different factors can impact what a parent spends on a child. One expense that might not be foreseen is uninsured medical expenses. These are often the result of an emergency and might be costly. Since you can’t adequately plan for these, general instructions for covering them should be included in the legal paperwork. This might include payment terms and a reimbursement schedule that can simplify things if they have to be used.

No matter where you are in the child support process, we can help you find solutions to issues that you have. Once we have a plan, we will stand by you throughout the process.